Please locals first

Unlike Amy Robertson Scripps, who visits Charlottesville once or twice a year and writes to The Hook from California [September 8 letter "Love the new look!"], I live here.

The biggest impact of the amphitheater on my life is the destruction of what had been my favorite pedestrian path from my home in Belmont to the Downtown Mall. I think the Pavilion has all the architectural charm of a beached great white whale. The only thing as big as it in Charlottesville is the football stadium.

I love Charlottesville. I don't go to football games or rock concerts. Basically, I don't seek out new venues that pack thousands of people into one small space, though I realize that they also pack lots of money into one small space. That's why the amphitheater and football stadium exist.

I don't welcome the traffic. It gets in my way going anywhere in my home town. So who is Charlottesville more interested in pleasing? Me, or someone in California?

Will Martin