Unfair to Schepps

It has come to The Hook's attention that our October 24, 2002 story about a Madison County screenwriter (Facetime: "Writer's lock: Hollywood $miles on Mountaineer"] unfairly portrayed another screenwriter.

Shawn Schepps was the original writer and story creator for the feature film Drumline. Contrary to an assertion in the story, Schepps has not left Hollywood, but since Drumline she has written and directed a feature, written a movie for the USA network, and recently worked on two series, one of which she is currently writing for NBC.

Moreover, the allegation that she sued is false. She went into arbitration with the Writers Guild of America, a standard procedure for films with more than one writer.

The Hook did not contact Schepps for comment at the time the story was written, and we regret the lapse.