The week in review

Best actress: Oscar winner Vanessa Redgrave heads to the Virginia Film Festival next month for the U.S. premiere of The Fever, directed by her son.

Biggest hurricane: Rita slams into Texas and Louisiana September 24, re-breaching the levees in New Orleans damaged from Hurricane Katrina August 29 and causing more flooding.

Longest birthday bash: Darden celebrates its 50th anniversary over the next two years in more than 50 cities and three continents, kicking off the years-long do with former New Jersey governor and EPA head Christine Todd Whitman September 21.

Worst student bashing: Two UVA males are attacked in separate incidents early September 25 near the Corner by groups of three and four black men.

Most fire and brimstone: The Woroniecki family warns passersby on Grounds to repent or go to Hell September 26– until University police respond to complaints and ask the group to stop blocking walkways and relocate, the Cav Daily reports.

Most rabid: Dickie and Linda Meeks scuffle with a rabid fox in their home last week and lose a Jack Russell puppy in the vulpes invasion. Kate Andrews has the story in the Progress.

Biggest chain reaction: Four vehicles pile up in front of the Earlysville General Store September 21 when a tractor trailer slams into another stopped truck behind two stopped cars. No one dies in the incident.

Most dubious distinction: The Charlottesville area's cost of living is 9 percent higher than the national average, while the average $34,000 wage falls below the national average, David Hendrick reports in the DP.

Worst news for Phi Kap: Richmond-on-Mad Bowl, aka Phi Kappa Sigma, has closed its doors, according to a September 23 letter by alumni president Tyler Whitley Jr. In recent years, the fraternity reportedly lost its national affiliation as well as recognition from UVA's Interfraternity Council.

Best new gig for Mojo: Charlottesville's director of communications Maurice Jones signs on with the Miller Center as director of major gifts.

Best Hackensaw Boys gig: The local band's music is featured on the September 27 episode of the new NBC TV show My Name is Earl.

Best celebrity gossip: Ben Affleck and pregnant wife Jennifer Garner have checked out at least one Albemarle estate, and Virginia Democrats are chomping at the bit to have Affleck run for senator against George Allen, the Washington Post's Reliable Source reports September 27.

Biggest political donors: ACAC founder Phil Wendel gives $187,000 to Republican Jerry Kilgore's gubernatorial campaign, while former Mississippi legislator/current Covesville resident John Grisham writes two $50,000 checks to Democrat Tim Kaine's campaign, according to the Post.

Most sustainable: The Woolen Mills home of architects Allison Ewing and Christopher Hays makes the pages of the Washington Post Magazine's fall home and design issue September 25.

Best news for Central Virginia poets: The Carole Weinstein Prize in Poetry will award $10,000 annually to poets with strong ties to this area and significant recent contributions to the art.

Warmer: Arctic summers are gradually getting longer with more snow-free days, making tundra plant growth leafier and woodier, according to a study by UVA environmental sciences prof Howard E. Epstein.

Best employee: Hook Walkabout and Words editor Tim Sprinkle is Crutchfield's employee of the month for August.

Most like  Charlotte Simmons: Author Tom Wolfe may be mau-mauing the lusty students as UVA's valedictory speaker May 20, 2006.

Worst loss for comedy: Get Smart star Don Adams dies September 25 at age 82.