Tom Jakubowski - 1989 Cadillac El Dorado

"Dr. J," as his campaign posters call him, has driven only Cadillacs since buying a new Calais in 1966. Now on his 13th Caddy, Tom Jakubowski says with assurance, "They're so much better made than other cars."

His navy blue 1989 El Dorado (sharing the driveway with a 2004 CTS), was donated to a local nonprofit last year by a UVA psych professor. Jakubowski bought the car without a second thought because, in his experience, a Caddy is more than a gas-guzzler.

"The thing about Cadillacs is that if you're having a bad day, you just get in the seat and the old-style leather hugs you. It lifts your spirits," he says.

In this case, his current ride also lifts his campaign. The vanity plate reads: "RIO DIST" where Jakubowski is currently running for county supervisor. But whatever happens on November 8, Jakubowski isn't looking to sell anytime soon.

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Tom Jakubowski and his smooth ride.