Paige's breasts too clear

I feel I must write to you and let you know how appalled I am over the Hook's story about Amanda Paige [September 15 HotSeat: Paige's pages: Cav is Playboy's Miss October].

I am not upset at all over her Playboy layout or anything like that. What shocked me is when my eight-year-old son was flipping through the normally "family friendly" pages, he came across this article and noticed that on one of the photos, you could see her breasts plain as day.

I do not know if this was an oversight on someone's part, but if my child could see that clearly, why wasn't it altered on your end?

My children have looked through your paper each week since my daughter was in it as a Facetime [August 26, 2004 Facetime: "Reston bound: Little Miss angles for state crown"], and I never once worried about them seeing anything that they shouldn't. But now I realize I was wrong.

I really am hoping that this was a big oversight on some editor's part and this picture wasn't published knowing that you could see this young lady's breasts.

Yes, she posed for Playboy– more power to her– but normally my seven- and eight-year-old children aren't allowed to look through that magazine. I didn't expect to see a picture from her shoot with her breasts plain as day in the Hook.

Katrina Steddum