Kenneth P. and Kathy F. Morton to James and Elizabeth Hart, 21 acres at 3492 Rolling Road North, Scottsville, $180,000.

Alan D. and Joan Haverson to Adele Wood, 3.779 acres at 5180 Viewmont West Drive, $155,000.

Bruce T. and Kelly Austin to Tyler T. Borg, 0.047 acres at 4756 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $224,900.

Kenneth G. Burridge Jr. to Curley A. Haliburton, 2382 Austin Drive, Briarwood, $179,300.

Sugaray LLC to Frog Pond LLC, two condominium units at Glenwood Station, $696,360.

Carriage Hill I Condominiums LLC to Robert H. and Sylvia H. Kemp, condominium unit at 1035 Weybridge Court, $159,200.

Michael Boyes to Aaron Kenner and Rebecca Shumate, 2.230 acres at 4616 Loving Road, North Garden, $375,000.

Robert M. Callaghan, trustee of GJK Land Trust, to George L. Kasidiaris, 314 Glade Lane, Townwood, gift.

Hessian Hills LLC to Kurt J. Gloeckner, unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 2405 Barracks Court, $129,900.

Robert K. Spencer to Sunnyside Farm Arts and Nature Camp, 11.800 acres in Scottsville Magisterial District, gift.

Mark A. and Melinda Z. Somers to Robert and Dayo N. Lanier, 0.174 acres at 6120 Laura Lane, Wayland's Grant, Crozet, $429,500.

Southland Homes Inc. to Brian B. Hughley and Jennifer R. Jernberg-Hughley, 0.114 acres at 1372 Stoney Ridge Road, Village Homes at Mill Creek, $274,950.

Jan P. and Thomas H. Harrison to Kelly Meyers, 2.0 acres at 7268 Hatfield Acres Lane, Hatfield Farm, $239,900.

Southland Homes Inc. to Don B. and Tracy C. Pettit, 0.599 acres at 1841 Natali Lane, Montgomery Ridge subdivision, $479,900.

Kevin M. and Deborah T. Barry to Scott A. and Stephanie D. Shellenberger, 0.513 acres at 3243 Darby Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $665,000.


J.D. Catlett to Ralph E. Main Jr., trustee, 150.36 acres on State Route 53, $675,000.

Lizbeth L. and Louis J. Costanzo to Christopher E. and Kelly B. Smith, 2.598 acres at 9195 Totier Creek Road, Valmont Estates, Scottsville, $283,000.

Charles A. Sansur to Eugene and Carrie Lee Whitacre, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, 102 Turtle Creek Road, $149,900.

March Mountain Properties LLC to Medallion Enterprises LLC, lot at Ballard Field, Old Trail subdivision, $189,000.

Dana and Justine Fortugno to William Patrick McKeithan, 2.133 acres at 1003 Old Lynchburg Road, Forest Lodge, $399,500.

Carriage Hill I Condominiums LLC to Paul Papasavvas and Spiro Roiniotis, unit in Claremont at Carriage Hill, $172,500.

Rock Castle Creek LLC to Donald B. and Cynthia L. Marshall, 7.50 acres on State Route 626, Langhorne Road, $80,000.

Evergreen Land Company to R. D. Wade Builder Inc., two lots in Mosby Mountain subdivision, $185,000.

Evergreen Land Company to R. D. Wade Builder Inc., three lots at Mosby Mountain subdivision, $262,500.

Evergreen Land Company to Gaffney Homes LLC, four lots at Mosby Mountain subdivision, $425,000.

Richard M. and Cindy L. Ross to Paul and Barbara Jasiurkowski, 13.963 acres at 6695 Highlander Way, Emerald Ridge, Crozet, $550,000.

Hauser Homes Inc. to Harold and Kum Butler, 0.334 acres at 2074 Aviano Way, Fontana, $399,950.

N. Ronald and Lillian Y. Davis to Mark A. and Melinda Z. Somers, 2.194 acres at 465 Newtown Road, Mountain Hollow, Greenwood, $400,000.

Marblehead LLC to Susan B., Carroll M., and Julia L. Bates, condominium unit at 950 Glenwood Station Lane, Glenwood Station, $225,000.

Alexander P. and Karen L. Lorusso to Erich C. and Carrie M. Shuler, 0.278 acres at 4850 Highlands Place, Highlands, $370,000.

Evergreen Land Company to Craig Enterprises Inc., 12 lots at Mosby Mountain subdivision, $1,202,500.

Grayrock LLC to Craig Enterprises Inc., parcel in Grayrock, $87,200.

Teresa S. Evans, executor, to Nazir Ahmad Chaudry, 2117 Dominion Drive, Berkeley, $218,000.

Patrick B. Cason to Equity Trust Company, 3.637 acres at 3161 Shannon Drive, Shadwell Estates, $319,600.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Jerry M. Rainey, parcel in Mosby Mountain subdivision, $495,000.

250 West Holdings LLC to Sridhar Mantha and Srikanth S. Chinnamatur, 0.861 acres in Foxchase, $199,500.

Service Matters Inc. to Ira Robinson, 2.090 acres at 4296 Garth Road, Ridgetop, Afton, $85,000.

Kemal H. and Meral Z. Elbirlik to Curtis Schaeffer and Heather Swindler, 0.292 acres at 102 Franklin Court, Canterbury Hills, $382,100.

Vanessa K. and Milton L. John Jr. to Darin L. and Suzanne Christensen, 3.842 acres at South Keswick (in addition to 6.158 acres in Fluvanna County), $875,000.

John P. and Susan R. Lambert to David V. Carmines and Ruth Overbeck, 0.235 acres at 117 Oak Forest Circle, Oak Forest, $252,900.

Marblehead LLC to Bernard A. and Tracy E. Bercu and Lenore Kelly-Bercu, condominium unit at Glenwood Station condominiums, $239,950.

Mark B. Shipp to Olga E. and Donald A. Morse, 154 Scarborough Place, Sherwood Manor, $164,900.

John C. and Beverley C. Fahey to Paul S. and Pauline M. Wilson, 0.220 acres at 2025 Heather Glen, Forest Lakes, $305,000.

William Gray to Crossland Homes and Development, 1.9779 acres at 1302 Mountain View Street, $43,000.

James D. and Angela K. Mills to Zachary Morgan Snider and Anne M. Tommaso, 1.780 acres at 664 Taylor's Gap Road, North Garden, $211,000.

Hessian Hills LLC to Michael F. Finnegan, unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 111 Hessian Hills Ridge, $129,900.


Earl H. Burton, trustee, to Church Hill Development Co., two lots in Deerwood, $170,000.

Bradford R. and Nancy A. McQuilkin to Patrick A. and Kristin D. Helm, 0.330 acres at 799 Filly Run, Cory Farm, $337,000.

Darrin M. and Sandra M. Quiles to Louis J. and Lizbeth C. Constanzo, 10.331 acres at 3482 Rolling Road, Scottsville, $275,000.

Carriage Hill I Condominiums LLC to Jillian D. Zagora, unitin Claremont at Carriage Hill, 905 Dorchester Place, $191,940.

Gaffney Homes LLC to Inhan Kim or Naeree Lee, 0.481 acres at 1218 Hatcher Court, Mosby Mountain subdivision, $441,280.

Marblehead LLC to Alexandra C. Gibson, unit in Glenwood Station condominiums, 950 Glenwood Station Lane, $239,950.

Karyn S. Dingledine to Thomas A. Dingledine, 2.30 acres at 2507 Ivy Springs Lane, Ivy Springs, gift.

Vicki C. Miller to Jian Hua Huang, 1474 Minor Ridge Court, Minor Townhouses, $202,000.

David and Jill Cain to Bowen J. and Colleen J. Sosnicki, 0.293 acres at 220 Starcrest Road, Lake Reynovia, $325,000.

Matthew H. Klein and Jennifer L. Andrews to George S. and Joy P. Kannarkat, 0.172 acres at 1256 Fox Crest Way, Foxcroft, $254,900.

Alison R. Sallwachter to Vladimir A. Goodkovsky and Valentina Y. Andrianova, 0.164 acres at 328 Minor Ridge Road, Wynridge, $205,000.

Church Hill Development Co. to Jianhua Liu and Li Li, 130 Deerwood Drive, Deerwood, $299,000.

Carol E. Burkhardt to Jon D'Errico and Claire Chantell, 106 Vincennes Road, Key West, $338,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Patrick P. and Edwina M. Monaghan, 0.540 acres at Mosby Mountain subdivision, $449,259.

Christopher W. and Melissa Powell to Elizabeth M. Fox, trustee, 2.4 acres at 506 Wellington Place, Ednam Forest, $850,000.

Big Deal


Christopher W. and Melissa Powell to Elizabeth M. Fox, trustee, 2.4 acres at 506 Wellington Place, Ednam Forest, $850,000.