Mike Richardson- 1983 Cadillac Seville

When 61-year-old Mike Richardson moved to Albemarle county from Britain, one of the things he missed most from overseas was, ironically, his American car, a 1983 Cadillac Seville.

"That car was so good, I just had to get another when I came to America," says the broadcast journalist.

So Richardson purchased a low-mileage model last year from a guy who'd owned it from day one.

"It drives like a dream," says Richardson. "The two-toned blue and black paintwork and yards of chrome make it look like a million dollars."

Richardson is returning to Europe next summer, and this time he's determined to hang on to his ride.

"Coincidentally we now have a home in France just near the village of Cadillac– and we're taking the car with us. Why not?"

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Alex Richardson, Josh Cosner, and Mike Richardson pose by Mike's ride.