Second chance: Neither wild nor green

False starts, awkward moments, near misses. These are all possibilities with a blind date, and one of this week's contenders experienced all of the above– before the date even began!

Mitchell, a 28-year-old graphic designer for the Hook, was all set to go out two weeks ago when the unthinkable happened. Just hours before the scheduled date, his date, Jamie, called with some unfortunate news: she'd realized the two already knew each other, and a blind date was not in the cards.

Since she's lived all this time in terror of the phrase "stood up," a sweating Matchmaker tracked Mitchell down and called it off, promising to find someone more suitable. This week, the promise is kept.

Twenty-five-year-old Vanessa, a grad student, was open to a new experience and didn't provide many specific requirements.

"I like books, music, and movies and I'm interested in meeting people who are also interested in those things," she wrote. "Otherwise, I'm just pretty much bored and am looking for someone who I can just hang out with."

Mitchell, a self-described pop-culture junkie, was up for a second chance, asking only that his date have at least heard of BET.

Was the second time the charm for Mitchell? With the BDC, all BETs are off...


The date

 Vanessa and Mitchell went to Wild Greens in the North Wing of Barracks Road


Were you first or second to arrive?

 Mitchell: Second, but I arrived exactly at 6.

Vanessa: I was first


Were you nervous?

 Mitchell: I was rather nervous. I've never been one of those guys to just walk up to a girl and start talking without knowing her.

Vanessa: A little.


When did you calm down?

 Mitchell: I didn't. I was the most fidgety guy you've ever met in your life. I was doing all sorts of things, playing with my hands...

Vanessa: As soon as we started talking, I was relaxed.


First impression:

 Mitchell: I thought she was very attractive, and she seemed friendly. She was wearing a pink shirt, and I think white capris with sandals. I liked it.

Vanessa: He was very well-dressed and professional looking. He wore a button-down shirt and jeans.


Wild Greens

 What did you order?

 Mitchell: We both had Starr Hill beer.

Vanessa: We didn't order appetizers or dessert. He ordered crab cakes, and I ordered catfish.


How was it?

 Mitchell: It was quite a decent meal. The waiter was extremely attentive, and he gave us plenty of time to sit and talk before taking our order.

Vanessa: It was really good, I hadn't been to Wild Greens before, and I was pleasantly surprised.


What did you talk about?

 Mitchell: At first, it was a little awkward. We talked about our jobs and where we're from. Eventually it loosened up, and we were able to talk more about friends and what we do for entertainment.

Vanessa: The conversation was good. We talked about our jobs a lot, what we want to do with our lives, our friends, and what we like (and dislike) about living in Charlottesville.


Did you have a lot in common?

 Mitchell: I don't really know yet.

Vanessa: I'm not sure. We both want to be teachers eventually, so I guess that's a big thing we have in common.


What did you find out that was interesting about this person?

 Mitchell: The research she does in psychology is interesting, and she really likes her work.

Vanessa: His job seems interesting– he's a graphic designer.


Was there anything you really disliked?

 Mitchell: No

Vanessa: We really weren't there long enough to find out.


Was there "chemistry" between you?

Mitchell: No chemistry, but libido–

Vanessa: Nothing in particular.


How were your date's table manners?

 Mitchell: Fine, she was polite and the usual.

Vanessa: Very good. He was polite and very well mannered.


Did anything particularly interesting happen?

Mitchell: No

Vanessa: No


How did dinner end?

Mitchell: We split the tab for drinks.

Vanessa: The check.


Did you do anything after dinner?

 Mitchell: Sadly, I'd worked earlier in the day, and I was extremely tired, so I walked her to her car and got her phone number.

Vanessa: No, Mitchell had worked that day and seemed tired.


A hug? A kiss?

 Mitchell: No kissing, no hugging, no nothing.

Vanessa: We just walked out together to our cars and said goodbye. No hug or kiss or anything. He asked for my number and said he'd give me a call this week.


Would you see this person again?

Mitchell: Yes– I've already called her again.

Vanessa: Sure.


Overall date experience?

 Mitchell: I'm glad I did it. I had a good time. I didn't do anything really stupid, so I didn't want to shoot myself.

Vanessa: I had a good time.


On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the date?

 Mitchell: 8

Vanessa: 8. Overall it was a good date. It's hard to really get to know a person from just one dinner together, but he was nice, and the conversation was good.