Where are the RR laws?

Did the 38 people charged with railroad "trespass" climb the eight-foot fence, cut the barbed wire, bag the track security cameras, cold-cock the track security guards, and remove all trespassing signs?

Or did they walk right into the meat grinding factory through wide open doors? ["Wrong side: Track crossers' pleas denied," September 1]

What aren't the Feds and state clowns in charge of railroad safety not ticketed for having no deterrent requirement laws on the books? Like the fence shall be x feet tall. The security cameras will be spaced x feet apart. The railroad will have a track guard for every x mile/miles of track.

Whoops, I forgot! There are big bucks in high places, so there are no laws to regulate railroad doings.

If you check, trains don't blow whistles at thousands of "private" crossings in Virginia. The only difference between crossing at these spots and anywhere else is that in some places, there's a little something to walk on. How rough can those spots be? Well, as rough as the railroad wants, since the politicians are neatly tucked away with political contributions.

Robert Pines
Sullivan, Missouri