James P. Randolph Jr. to E. Grant and Barbara H. Cosner, 5.0 acres on State Route 618, 2155 Martin Kings Road, $176,000.

Tracy L. Eagan to Melissa D. Boies and Andrew J. Bennett, 2.983 acres at 5581 Flintstone Drive, Lake Saponi, $200,600.

Equity Trust Company, custodian, to Henry F. and Mary W. Oakey, 6.004 acres in White Hall Magisterial District, $260,000.

Douglas J. Campbell and Tracey C. Hopper to Kara M. Gloeckner and Brian D. Weber, 2.1 acres at 2552 Eastham Road, Earlysville Forest, $191,000.

Carmelita A. Certo to Lola Aguirre, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, 132 Turtle Creek Drive, $126,000.

Juliana G. Yost to Tucker and Frances Reback, 1.502 acres at 9744 Warren Ferry Road, Scottsville, $169,000.

Douglas J. and Deborah J. McGowan and William J. Hicks to George C. and Judith M. Fetherston, 1.377 acres at 1130 Hunters Ridge Road, Earlysville Forest, Earlysville, $299,000.

Yunus Y. Vohra to Charles E. and Melody D. Swartz, unit in Solomon Court condominiums, 2517 Hydraulic Road, $99,500.

Garland M. Day Jr. to G&B Ventures LLC, 106 acres, gift.

Huokeun Jean and Hera Lee to James G. and Betty D. Cannon, 0.332 acres at 1235 Loring Run, RiverCreek of Dunlora, $434,900.

Stokes W. and Kimberley M. Smith to Helen P. Cathro, 2.0 acres at 6342 Schoolhouse Hill Road, Batesville, $250,000.

David L. and Linda Elsey to Joyce Katstra, 0.208 acres at 2547 Aspenwood Road, Forest Lakes South, $308,800.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Nancy R. Murray and Frances R. Raylor, 0.292 acres at 162 Grayrock Drive, Grayrock Orchard, Crozet, $269,973.

Robert and Linda Lang to John D. Burks, 2.0 acres at 1425 Simmons Gap Road, $154,900.

Paul M. Harris to Latroy A. and Delores B. Durrette, 0.374 acres at 539 Woodmont Drive, Rio Heights, $274,000.

Grimes A. and Patricia B. Boatwright to Timothy B. Grubbs and Jillian A. Hacker, 0.980 acres at 1180 Firethorn Court, Jarman Gap Estates, Crozet, $215,000.

Lori Kaufman to Gary P. Castanino and Bonnie S. Remar, 3.125 acres at 3740 West Drive, Glenaire, $380,000.


John D. and Michelle A. Nolen to Stig and Susan Friberg, 1695 Goldentree Place, Hollymead, $365,000.

Bryan L. and Cheryl W. Lambert to Leandre Roberson, 99 Woodlake Drive, Four Seasons, $162,500.

Ivy Creek LLC to Big Tree LLC, 21 acres at Ivy Creek, $1,900,000.

Robert F. and Marilyn M. Harman to James H. and Sherry A. Lambert, 0.090 acres at 21 Ednam Village Street, Ednam Village, $516,500.

March Mountain Properties LLC to James W. and Deborah H. Wolfe, 0.235 acres at 46 Ballard Field, Old Trail subdivision, $85,000.

Smith & Robertson Inc. to Robert D. Shepherd and Allyson Stanford, 2.110 acres at 3415 Foxwood Drive, Foxwood Forest, Barboursville, $735,000.

RJR LC to Medallion Enterprises LLC, parcel at Highlands at Mechum's River, $92,500.

Melissa L. Murphy to Gayle Russell, 114 West Park Drive, Knollwood, $180,000.

Nancy Lee Arllen, trustee, to Russell K. Stivers, parcel at Rose Arbor Court, Branchlands, gift.

Charlotte Wise Mauney, trustee, to Richard T. and Sue E. Selden, unit in University Village condominiums, 500 Crestwood Drive, $340,000.

Robert M. Callaghan, trustee, to Shannon E. Slovensky, 110 Scarborough Place, Sherwood Manor, $153,900.

Gillispie & Associates LLC to Scott F. and Tammy Z. Walk, 0.281 acres at 1605 Stoney Creek Drive, Mill Creek South, $305,500.

Edward F. and Cheryl A. Acker to Joan Sours, 3.308 acres at 2605 Cedar Ridge Lane, Westwoods subdivision, $425,000.

Hugh A. Ragsdale to Stephen D. and Jennifer C. Turner, 0.041 acres at 1293 Clifden Greene, RiverRun, $239,500.

Catherine R. Frye to James W. and Tiffany F. Harris, 1531 Minor Ridge Court, Minor Hill Townhouses, $195,000.

Robert M. and Patricia A. Byrom to Christopher L. Byrom, 44.270 acres at 4225 Cottonwood Headquarters Lane, Cottonwood, gift.

G&B Ventures LLC to Hardware River Farm Inc., 106.6 acres at Hardware River Farm, 2251 Old Lynchburg Road, $1,279,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Jennifer C. and Robert V. McGlothlin Jr., 0.412 acres at 3555 Glasgow Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $734,666.

Carriage Hill Condominiums LLC to Kathryn G. Duryea, unit on Weybridge Court at Claremont at Carriage Hill, $280,300.

Charlotte G. Fleming to Ronald L. Kerber, 7.0 acres on Route 20 North, 3365 Stony Point Road, $126,000.

Charlotte G. Fleming to Ronald L. Kerber, trustee, 8.02 acres, $144,369.

Frances S. Simms and Brenda S. White to Jason A. Turner, 2.58 acres at 1898 Old Lynchburg Road, $175,000.

Brian W. and Jean E. Mandeville to Arthur P. and Linda H. Dupuis, 0.732 acre at 1479 Kinross Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $1,730,000.

Paul E. and Helen J. Johnson, trustees, to John J. Brocato and Mary B. Barrick, 0.407 acres at 1890 Amberfield Drive, Amberfield, Forest Lakes, $396,500.

Daniel E. and Ann W. Duncan to Michelle D. Morris, 1.450 acres at 836 Beagle Gap Road, State Route 691, Crozet, $163,000.


Gail L. White to Daniel A. Street, 1346 Allister Greene, LeParc, RiverRun, $259,000

James R. and Myrtle W. Lilly to Clarance W. and Jason P. Lilly, 5.118 acres at 2875 Old Lynchburg Road, North Garden, gift.

Robin L. Kelly to Gary K. and Bradley S. Gray, 4.258 acres at 1942 Thomas Jefferson Parkway, Scottsville Magisterial District, $212,000.

PJP Building Three LC to Ansoja Holdings LLC, unit in PJP III condominiums, 600 Peter Jefferson Parkway, $1,032,217.

Stephen T. McLean to Peri S. Wentworth, 1.30 acres at 10 Old Farm Road, Bellair, $545,000.

Michele Jordan, trustee, to Leslie C. and James A. Wood IV, 36 Woodlake Drive, Four Seasons, $120,000.

Pierson Properties LLC to Ashley W. Jones, unit in Webland Park condominiums, 1771 Webland View, $169,900.

March Mountain Properties LLC to Wendell W. Gibson Inc., lot 39, Old Trail subdivision, $340,000.

Blandemar Farm Inc. to Christopher J. and Donna S. Brightman, 21.270 acres at 3035 Blandemar Drive, Blandemar Farm Estates, $500,000.

Charles W. Hurt, trustee, Advance Mills Farm Land Trust, to John J. Buckley and Barbara E. Gerardi-Buckley, 21.010 acres in Advance Mills Farm subdivision, $365,000.

Hessian Hills LLC to William G. and Polly A. Talbott, unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 159 Hessian Hills Way, $129,900.

James E. Hoberg to Cassandra D. Hobgood, 1573 Birnham Drive, Birnham Wood, $162,000.


James F. and Michelle L. Sacco to David A. Bates and Shirley L. Fleishman, 1630 Robin Lane, Hollymead, $308,000.

Carriage Hill Condominiums LLC to Deborah H. Fraser, unit in Carriage Hill, 1035 Weybridge Court, $162,500.

250 West Holdings LLC to High Harbor Inc., 1.539 acres at Foxchase, $180,000.

Hassan and Gillian Elizabeth Gomaa to Shelley K. Sass and Michael E. Geisert, 315 Gloucester Road, Carrsbrook, $407,500.

Martha T. Criss to Albert M. and William L. Tyree, 3.233 acres at 3385 Watts Passage, the Alpines, gift.

Equity Trustees LLC, trustee, to Mary P. Newton, 2.79 acres, $122,000.

Richard E. and Arnona Horowitz, trustees, to CTG Properties LLC, 2.547 acres in Keswick Estate, $410,000.

R. W. Mawyer Inc. to Susan E. Vernon, 3.263 acres at 5295 Tanager Wood Drive, Tanager Woods, Earlysville, $564,000.

Paul and Barbara Jasiurkowski to Hassan and Gillian Gomaa, 2.42 acres at 1080 Blandemar Lane, Blandemar Farm Estates, $835,000.

Jeff G. and Brigid C. Norvell to Dean H. Gustafson and Beth A. Carpenter, 0.182 acres at 837 Harris Road, Willoughby, $229,405.

Young S. and Chang S. Hahn to Jason A. and Sarah L. Papin, 0.238 acres at 3115 Mollifield Lane, Forest Lakes, $296,900.

Carrie M. and Erich C. Shuler to James F. and Michelle L. Sacco, 0.917 acres at 2128 Brownstone Lane, Still Meadow, $575,000.

Frank L. Wood Jr. to Dorothy C. Wood, 1.708 acres at Sate Route 810 and 240, gift.

David L. and Janet H. Starmer to Michael T. and Mary N. Dixon, 0.248 acres at 1181 Foxchase Ridge, Foxcroft, $371,000.

Everett C. Shifflett to Nelson Homes Inc., 0.770 acres at 5969 St. George Avenue, Crozet, $30,000.

Big Deal


Ivy Creek LLC to Big Tree LLC, 21 acres at Ivy Creek, $1,900,000.