Ralph Kramden no more

Thanks so much to The Hook for the lovely article you guys did on little ole me and my theatrical endeavors ["Rush Ours: The eclectic 'saint' of Barboursville"}. I'm completely humbled and grateful and have received tons of compliments on the piece. It has caused a little confusion, however.

Due to the omission of the word "former" in describing me as a UTS bus driver, I've been asked several times what time the blue bus hits The Corner, what it's like to cram my big pregnant belly behind the wheel, and various other questions.

To clarify, I was a UTS bus driver not less than six years ago. Also, as lovely a job as it was, the thought of me still doodling about in my $8/hour college job eight months pregnant lacking the motivation to move on horrifies me just a tad.

At any rate, I'm so sorry that I've forgotten what time the blue bus goes 'round The Corner. Ask me about A Midsummer Night's Dream, and I've got some answers for you.

Thanks again to The Hook.

Mendy St. Ours