Bowls banish bees

Regarding Gimme Shelter, "The buzz on bees," August 18, an environmentally sound way to remove yellow jacket nests in the ground is to wait until well after dark and cover the hole with a clear glass bowl (it needs to lie flat on the ground).

When morning comes, the wasps will not comprehend why they cannot get out and will exhaust themselves trying. They will become dehydrated and die. When you see no more activity under the bowl, you can remove it.

Placing insecticide in the ground can harm other kinds of animals that may come into direct contact with it and kill the creatures that will come to feed upon the dead wasps as well as the wasp larvae and pupae that remain in the underground nest.

One should always try to remove only the animals that are problematic and in a way that is the most humane and safe for wildlife, people, and the environment.

Marlene A. Condon