Whistle-stopping: Citizens meet Kaine

If the last week is any indication, the experts seem to think the road to the Governor's Mansion runs through downtown Charlottesville. No more than 24 hours after Republican hopeful Jerry Kilgore and independent candidate H. Russell Potts spoke at the Omni Hotel, Democratic nominee Tim Kaine held a town hall meeting at the Charlottesville Ice Park.


A who's who of Charlottesville Democrats watched as the Lieutenant Governor fielded questions from voters on a variety of topics. Kaine garnered a big ovations when he spoke about his "faith-based" opposition to abortion and the death penalty. "If I lose an election because of a deeply held belief," he said, "then I lose an election."

At the event's conclusion, Kaine had some one-on-one time with a few of the faithful, took a question or two from reporters, and then headed to Staunton for his next campaign stop.

Lieutenant Governor Tim Kaine visits with Marie Stolling following the town hall meeting.

Outgoing 57th district delegate Mitch Van Yahres smiles with the man who may one day hold his office, lefty blogger Waldo Jaquith.

Democratic candidate for 58th district delegate Steve Koleszar pauses with supporter Grace Zisk.

Reporters and cameramen swarm around Lt. Gov. Kaine.