New law good

Your July 14 cover story, "Gas by the Glass: North Garden's Contaminated Water" was well written and addressed multiple sides to a very complicated story with years of history and trauma. Most importantly, the article informed the public about a very timely issue that could affect the lives of others in this county and state.


Additionally, Albemarle County BOS and staff are to be commended for creating and enacting an ordinance aimed at assuring that all new wells within a short distance of petroleum contamination are potable before issuing a building permit.

This is a health and safety issue. The ordinance and its alert to home builders could save thousands in costly remediation efforts and health issues. I would have welcomed it 12 years ago before my family was exposed to toxic substances.

Although I have been concerned about the need for additional legislation, enforcement, and public awareness, I am very grateful to the state and the many people who work in the Leaking Underground Storage Tank program. They have shown professionalism and have a great wealth of knowledge about the issues. Their support has been appreciated.

My continued concern is that no other family be exposed to carcinogens, as mine was. All people deserve safe drinking water!

Ann Messina
Albemarle County