Lauren Howard: 1991 Trek 7000 mountain bike

MY RIDE- Lauren Howard: 1991 Trek 7000 mountain bike

Same Roads, Same Rules, Same Rights,[per thou] reads the bumper sticker on Lauren Howard[base ']s commuter bike. [base "]That[base ']s my mantra,[per thou] says Howard. [base "]And the mantra of traffic bicyclists.[per thou] Howard, a Charlottesville resident and a strong advocate of commuter biking, claims to have ridden over 80,000 miles in her 30 years of biking. [base "]The two biggest advantages to biking,[per thou] she says, [base "]are freedom and money. Bikes free you from the hassles of traffic and parking. And I[base ']ve saved over $50,000 by not having a car, which helped me pay off the mortgage on my house.[per thou] Howard, who[base ']s even published a booklet entitled Couch-potato Bicycling, encourages others to commute by bike as well. [base "]I like introducing people to the art of advanced traffic bicycling, to let them know that there is such a thing. [per thou] What drives you? Call 295-8700 ext. 239, then pull up in front of Hook headquarters at 100 Second St. NW and tell us why you love your ride.
Howard flies by on her commuter bike. [base "]I could do this for miles,[per thou] she says.