Rusty Parrott: 2000 Jeep Wrangler

"It was tiger-striped when I first bought it," says 26-year-old Rusty Parrott about his now lime green off-road ride.

"It gets a lot of attention," he says. "It's just a fun vehicle."

The paint job, which Parrott did himself, wasn't the only change he made to the car with the mud-spattered license plate that reads "G8RTANK."

"I added the rolling cage, the front bumper, and the sidebars," he says. "All done by me."

Parrott, who lives in Charlottesville and paints vehicles for Colors on Parade, enjoys the car's versatility as much as its appearance.

"My favorite part about it is when I can take it off road and just tear it up," he says. "That's definitely the greatest thing about having a vehicle like this one."

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