Gay realtors were dissed

Regarding Dave Phillips' favorite bumper sticker ("Nuke the Gay Baby Whales") in your June 30 issue [Hotseat: "O, lucky man: Phillips and the rockets' red glare"], I'm always amused by those who see their complaints about what Phillips calls "political correctness" as roguish– or, still more absurdly, as brave and independent-minded if not downright radical.

The image that comes to mind is a child shaking his tiny fist at his foe, his courage deriving from the presence of Daddy behind him. How much boldness does it take to mock those less powerful, laying on them the burden of embarrassment if they speak up in answer?

Is a society better off in which racial slurs are socially acceptable– or slurs against women, ethnic groups, gays and lesbians, the disabled, etc.? I can imagine how welcome the CEO of the Association of Realtors has made gay and lesbian members of that organization feel by declaring his idea of a witty quip.

Kenny Marotta