Dump photos, worker photos, wine vintages

CORRECTIONS- Dump photos, worker photos, wine vintages

Published July 14 in issue 0428 of the Hook

* In last week's story, "Dump dust-up: Citizens gather; Lynch denies role," the photograph of Pat Napoleon misidentified her first name.

* In the same story, the photo credits were omitted. The photographer for the meeting photos was Derek Pell. The photographer of the trash was Jen Fariello.

* In "Photophile," we incorrectly stated a name and a nationality. The caption on the bottom right photo should have read "Hungarian workers Bela Csikos Norbertcscotay and Ferenc Kovacs."

* Elaine Futhey, one of the wine experts in last week's issue, contacted us to say that she gave us the wrong dates on her favorite vintages. She actually prefers the 2004s.