No finding food on 250 West

Since moving to Charlottesville two years ago, we have become avid Hook readers. We use it religiously to gather information on the area and stay abreast of local happenings. In all honestly, it's a tad liberal for us, but we have grown to love it despite the obvious political leanings.

Anyway, my wife and I dine out quite a bit and rely on the food section to guide us to new and different places. Actually, since moving to C'harlottesville, we have managed to eat at over 100 local establishments. Our plan is to eat at all of them by the end of our third year. We are, so to speak, sort of "eating our way through town."

Your latest edition with its "focus on route 250 west" is just about 100 percent incorrect. I live near Crozet and know intimately all the restaurant locations and can easily say... you blew it big time. Since we are now devout C'villians, we find it appalling you would allow such a huge and sloppy mistake. Knowing there are lots of newcomers, our quaint town restaurants rely on accurate information. Shame on you!

Carl Palermo