Sip away: They toasted, then were toasted

The life of a journalist can be a lonely one. Secret sources must be taken to the grave; late-night assignments separate the intrepid reporter from his loved ones. So when Matchmaker heard from a 24-year-old we'll call Philip, who works for a Central Virginia publication, her heart bled for this old-before-his-time truth crusader.

"You bring us the news each day," she nearly wept, fists clenched before her. "And all you ask of me in return is to be sent on a date? It seems too easy, too little, too late, too...." And then she collapsed, keening.

After the melodrama subsided, Matchmaker got to work and found a young woman who seemed like she just might help bring Philip out of his shell.

Twenty-one-year old Elizabeth is a 2005 UVA grad hoping to find a little fun in the form of an "older" man. (And while it may be a stretch to imagine for those of us who could be Elizabeth's parents, a 24-year-old, in her case, qualifies as an older man.)

Both Philip and Elizabeth love parties, both are athletic, and both enjoyed the Greek system while in college. Will they enjoy each other?

Matchmaker has one clue for you: Lucky 7.


The date:

 Philip and Elizabeth met at Michael's Bistro on the Corner


Did you do anything out of the ordinary before the date, to plan for it?

 Philip: Just shaved and showered faster than usual.

Elizabeth: I bought a new necklace that day.



Were you 1st or 2nd to arrive?

 Philip: Work made me second, but she was late, too, so it was no big deal.

Elizabeth: I was first; he came just a few minutes after me.


Were you nervous?

 Philip: I felt good.

Elizabeth: I was nervous while I waited for him; my last blind date didn't go so well.


First impression

 Philip: She was a good-looking, upbeat blonde girl.

Elizabeth: He was cute, and he had a great personality. We started talking and ordered drinks as soon as he sat down.


Would you say this person was your type?

Philip: Yeah, she was pretty close to it because she had a lot to talk about, and she was optimistic and didn't mind putting back a few drinks.

Elizabeth: He isn't the type of guy that would stand out to me in a crowd of people at a party, but I don't really have a "type."


How did you like their style?

 Philip: It was good– not too preppy or too granola/hippie. She wore a white tank top and jean skirt.

Elizabeth: He dressed well, preppy. He was wearing a collared shirt and khakis.


Did you order drinks?

 Philip: Yes.

Elizabeth: It's more like what drink did we not order. I waited to order them until he got there though.


What did you eat?

 Philip: Big fat steak. Bruschetta appetizer. She had some chicken thing.

Elizabeth: I had the chicken satay.

Repeat after me, Philip, SA-TAY...–MM


How was the food?

Philip: The steak was awesome, and the garlic mashed potatoes were also great. No dice on the margarita though that Elizabeth got. Too salty.

Elizabeth: The food was very good, the bruschetta was awesome, by the time the entrée came out I was already kind of full from my drink(s) that I didn't eat that much of it, but it was tasty.


How was the service in the restaurant?

 Philip: Our waiter was solid.

Elizabeth: I knew one of the waitresses and she came over and chatted with me a for a little bit when I first showed up. Everyone was really nice.



 Philip: We conversed well. We talked about the big Stones show coming up, UVA football, and drinking.

Elizabeth: We talked about work, college, where we're from. I honestly can't remember everything we talked about, but the conversation was very easy and flowed well.


Did you have a lot in common?

 Philip: Yeah, I knew a lot of her friends. We're both big on music, but she is more into alternative never-heard-of-before bands.

Elizabeth: We're both athletic: I like to run and play tennis and other intramural sports; he plays a bunch of sports too. He talked about his soccer game. We both like to go out and stuff.

What did you find out that was interesting about this person?

 Philip: She had a nice little nugget of a dog named Darcy.

Elizabeth: He said he thought it would be cool to be a party planner. I didn't expect that, but it's cool.


Was there anything you really disliked?

 Philip: Not particularly.

Elizabeth: Conversation kind of skipped around a bit. He would tell random stories that didn't necessarily flow with the convo, but I guess they were interesting.


Did your date do anything that impressed you?

 Philip: For a class, she once sat with a friend at Orbit for five hours counting the cars that went under the 14th Street bridge.

Elizabeth: He was definitely a gentleman.


Was there "chemistry" between you?

 Philip: We both love Charlottesville and we're optimistic, so we had a good dinner. Huh?–MM

 Elizabeth: I think there was a little bit of chemistry... I guess the drinks helped.


How were your date's table manners?

 Philip: You could tell her parents taught her the basics.

Elizabeth: He was a gentleman the whole night through, so I don't think he did anything awkward at the table.


How did dinner end?

 Philip: We walked to the Lucky 7 and picked up a six pack.

Elizabeth: We finished our drinks, and he picked up the tab, which was very nice of him. Then we bought some beer and walked back to my house.


Did you decide to go somewhere afterwards?

Philip: We drank at her place and then went to South Street.

Elizabeth: Because it was beach week, most of my friends weren't there, but he had a lot of friends there, and I met some cool people.


What was the VERY end like?

 Philip: I gave her a ride.

Elizabeth: He drove me home.


A hug? A kiss?

 Philip: Yes.

Elizabeth: J

Speechless, Elizabeth?–MM


Did you have fun?

 Philip: It was a fun date.

Elizabeth: Yes, I had a lot of fun. It was a good date, better than I had expected.


Would you see this person again?

 Philip: Sure.

Elizabeth: I wouldn't be against seeing him again. We know a lot of the same people and go to the same places so I'm sure we'll at least run into each other at bars and stuff.


Overall date experience?

 Philip: It was refreshing to hang out with someone who was just leaving college. Michelle had plenty to say, and we had fun at each of our stops.

Elizabeth: It was a very fun night. Great date.


On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the date?

 Philip: 8

Elizabeth: 9


Matchmaker has a new hypothesis: If a Blind Date Challenge couple says, "We dropped by Lucky 7," the date went welleven if all they bought was a six. ;)


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