Skunk stripe appalling

$2,300 for a white line down the middle of a path in the woods?! [June 2: "'Skunk park'? RTF users irked by stripe"]

Honestly. Would somebody please just get a grip? Every time I look for a place to sit on the Downtown Mall to read my weekly edition of The Hook, I ask myself why the City can't spend even a fraction of that to put some benches on the mall. We don't all want to eat at a restaurant every time we have the urge to sit and enjoy this wonderful outdoor space. Yet, short of sitting on the pavement, that is what one is forced to do?

Does anyone know why we can't get benches to supplement the scant few chairs that seem to migrate from one end of the Mall to the other? Maybe if we got some benches with white lines painted on them, the powers that be would see fit to invest in them.

Fuming on the hot pavement,

Mary Cockerille