Rammed earth campaign: Waldorf School goes green

My school's greener than your school!

Is not!

Is so!

If local supporters have their way, students at the Charlottesville Waldorf School will soon win this youthful exchange, hands down.

Parents, teachers and friends of the school– one of about 900 Waldorfs worldwide– gathered Thursday night, June 2, at the Charlottesville Community Design Center to chow down and check out various forms of sustainable design planned for their school, now located in Crozet.

"Green design is taking over," said Kent Ayyildiz, a filmmaker who's making a promotional film on plans for the school's new home on a 13-acre site on Rio Road.

There, the school plans to construct a new building to include a living roof, geothermal climate control, and walls made of straw bales and rammed earth.

Sarah Tremaine, chair of the Waldorf Foundation Board, and Moira Crosby, campaign manager, enjoy themselves.

Betsy Ayyildiz chair of the school board, with Nancy Regan, school administrator, and Vivian Jones-Schmidt, chair of the faculty

Builder and event sponsor Dale Abrahamse, architect Ted Jones, Annie Rose Guppy, and David Zachon

Heather Rolfe and Dorothy Holden came to check out the green design.

Megan Weary and Marc Hahn liked what they saw.

Kent Ayyildiz with Katie Swinson




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