Toscano loves developers

Thanks for your coverage of the race for the 57th district State House of Delegates seat. [June 2 cover story: "57th varieties: who will get Mitch's seat?"]

I understand that one article can't outline each candidate's positions in full, so I urge anyone who plans to vote to check out the websites of all the candidates. Anyone who does will likely conclude that Rich Collins is the only one with a comprehensive, workable plan to move Virginia toward a socially just and ecologically healthy future. He has the compassion, vision, and experience to provide Richmond with the start of a much-needed reorientation.

Toscano, on the other hand, can "see the Republican logic" (the reporter's words) so well he has abandoned his progressive beginnings. Your article in part states: "Despite occasionally being branded a tool of developers, Toscano seems to have never lost his 60s activism."

Well, his Meadowcreek Parkway-pushing (despite the fact that over two thirds of citizens who commented during the last public hearing on road were against it), demonstrates that he's still an activist, but I'm afraid that he has been particularly active promoting the agenda of sprawl developers. And they are grateful, as a trip to a state site posting all campaign contributions ( will show.

Collins has always been for the people. As a longtime public policy professor, Chair of the Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority, Chair of the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority, and in many other roles, he has tirelessly fought for issues as diverse as protection from hazardous wastes, a living wage for all, Chesapeake Bay Preservation, and better public housing.

Do we really need another lawyer or builder in our Virginia legislature? Rich Collins has what it takes to transcend business as usual and do right by all of us.

Stratton Salidis



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