Fat is beautiful

In the June 2 edition of The Hook, I read in the Fearless Consumer column ["Fat lip: Cruel comments costly"] that a male customer at Miller's made an offensive remark about a female customer's weight, and the waiter verbally agreed. When asked to comment, Miller's management said they had "a very hard time believing that one of our servers would have commented so openly."

Then in the Blind Date Challenge ["Bald ambition: Looking for love, sans hair"] "charming" Jon requested that his date not be "morbidly obese," yet he quickly back-pedalled, noting, "I'm attracted to people on an individual basis."

It's so refreshing that prejudice against fat people is alive and well in Charlottesville. Or more specifically, that fat women are devalued and deemed unworthy by the ignorant and the insensitive.

Haven't Miller's employees ever heard the Golden Rule of the service industry: "The customer is always right"? Or is that only if the customer is within their correct Body Mass Index? As for "gentleman Jon," you described yourself perfectly, "I'm a poor loser."

To all of you BIGots I say, grow up or shut up! Women, no matter their size, are beautiful inside and out. Know it. Learn it. Live it!

D. Lascano



Holiday 36