Southern Property LLC to Caroline G. Polk, unit in Burnet Commons, 117 Burnet Street, $295,000.

Southern Property LLC to Anthony C. Gee, unit in Burnet Commons, $313,700.

Howard B. and Mary Jean Craddock to Marta R. Ramsey, unit in Carlton Bridge condominiums, $40,000.

Gregory S. Jackson to Robert L. Kurtz, 609 Belmont Avenue, $192,269.


 Mabel E. Jones to William R. and Robert N. Anthony III, 327 10-l/2 Street NW, $29,135.

Joan V., Gregory L., and Gary Turner and Raymond Harris to Arthur B. and Tinsley Thomas Jr., Jane T. Carr, and Melissa T. Wicks et al., parcel on Lankford Avenue, $13,000.

Belmont Loft Company LLC to Stuart L. and Abby B. Guskind, unit in Belmont Loft condominiums, 200 Douglas Avenue, $184,000.


 Edwin F. and Virginia P. Barber to David T. and Sue Jane Volarich, unit in McGuffey Hill condominiums, 207 Second Street NW, $285,000.

Mountain Lakes Investment LLC to Eleanor P. Downey and Matthew Spitzer, 806 Montrose Avenue, $165,000.

Rita C. Pace to Michael J. and Lauren B. Funk, 1401 Grace Street, $259,900.


Harold and Kum Butler to the Salvation Army, 0.540 acres at 600 Cherry Avenue, $425,000.

GWT & DNT LLC to University of Virginia Foundation, one University Acres, State Route 250 West, $7,150,000.

Lewis LLC of Troy to Nicholas Livak, parcel on Leonard Street, $182,000.

Robert Lee and Anna Belle McDaniel to Tammy K. Drewry and Doris M. Wharton, 940 St. Charles Avenue, gift.

Robert Lee and Anna Belle McDaniel to Tammy K. Drewry, Doris M. Wharton, Lori N. Fitzgerald and Steven R. Drewry, 716 Montrose Avenue, gift.

Eliza E. Mickens to Edward and Nisha Botchwey, 755 King Street, $168,900.

Richard P. and Jeanne L. Brier to C&T Rentals LLC, unit in Wertland Commons condominiums, $137,500.

B. Stephanie Commander to William D. Battaile, 101 Darien Terrace, $147,500.

Richard E. Pettus to Harsha K. Chellah and Girija Ramakrishnan, 1821 Winston Road, $420,000.


W.R. Krol to John W. and Sandra Wilkinson and Ronald M. and Rita J. Lackey, 1601 Antoinette Avenue, $160,000.

Charles H. Simmons to Mary John Smith, trustee, unit in the Venable condominiums, 312 13th Street NW, $77,000.

Marie E. Byrd to Mary Elizabeth Jensen and Keith F. Cheely, 223 Spruce Street, $159,000.


Eben S. and Janet Y. Morrow to Michael S. and Melanie A. Britt, 2133 Tarleton Drive, $219,000.

Samaritan's Purse, trustee, to Laura C. Brown, 405 Fairway Avenue, $187,500.

Belmont Loft Company LLC to Gloria J. Salvetti, unit in Belmont Loft condominiums, 200 Douglas Avenue, $286,100.


William Keith Sessoms to Frank L. Robinson III, trustee, 2636 Jefferson Park Circle, $380,000.

Eugene R. Jones and Chevone L. and Chassity K. Blair to Patricia Blair Jones, 345 10-l/2 Street NE, gift.

Phyllis A. and Douglas J. Yensan to Robert J. and Sandra A. Archer, 2313 Price Avenue, $320,000.

710 East High Street LLC to Slater's Service Station LLC, 710 East High Street, $475,000.

Carolyn P. Dunn to John R. and Cindy P. Zug, 104 Grover Court, Melbourne Place, $300,000.

George J. Pfeiffer to Jayson Collier, unit in Three Notched condominiums, 107 West Main Street, $351,500.

Terry Lee Jones to William J. O'Shaughnessy, 802 Ridge Street, $171,000.

Allen H. and Theresa M. Shotwell to Jaffray P. Woodriff, condominium unit in the Maclin Building, 408 East Market Street, $345,000.

Brinnington Properties LLC to Kelly Opfeffer, 1633 Mulberry Avenue, $182,500.


Guy M. Brown to William Sessoms, 806 Druid Avenue, $190,000.

Thomas R. and Lynn T. Shepherd to Elizabeth Crawford, 408 Altamont Circle, $800,000.

Franklin N. White to Piedmont Housing Alliance, parcel on Fourth Street SW, $75,000.

Patricia W. Hurst, trustee, to Michael and Rebecca L. Dailey, 114 Howard Drive, $450,000.


Chad E. Thorne to Tara H. Hodges, 973 Rockcreek Road, $112,000.

Richard C. Anderson and Kelly S. Keating to Chad E. Thorne, 705 Rockcreek Road, $161,900.


Southern Property LLC to William L. and Glenda M. Howard, unit in Burnet Commons, $256,800.


Joseph F. Mallory to Molly Ann McCoy, 402 Dice Street, $200,000.

Inge's LLC to Albemarle Investment Group LLC, 331-333 West Main Street, $785,000.

Corven Flynn Jr., trustee, to Lance C. Hoover, 1205 Holmes Avenue, $145,000.

M.T. E. LLC to Ja-Zan LLC, 0.238 acres on Fourth Street SE, $500,000.

David F. and Kathleen S. Bohr to Amy B. Benner, 306 Monte Vista Avenue, $220,000.


Keith and Kristen Lancaster to Jeffrey P. Hill and Rebecca R. Neubert, 609 St. Charles Avenue, $245,000.

James F. and Marilyn F. Terrell to C&T Rentals LLC, 442 Meade Avenue, $150,000.


David W. and Mary Love Schumaker, trustees, to Karin B. Bonding, unit in Charlottesville Towers condominiums, 511 North First Street, $225,000.

Hochua Enterprises Inc. to Ashley C. Carter and Heather M. Savage, unit in the Corner Village condominiums, 1215 Wertland Street, $100,000.

Aleize D. Sampson to Ardin Smajic, 502A Moseley Drive, Azalea Gardens, $120,000.

Shannon A. Iaculli to John H. Coyle and Holly R. Lord, 17 Mobile Lane, Monroe Park, $194,000.


David G. Cupp and Cecilia Minden-Cupp to Virginia C. Morris, unit in Charlottesville Towers condominiums, 511 North First Street, $230,000.

C. Bernard Martin and Michael R. Simpson to Gary O. and Elizabeth W. McCullough, 1726 Concord Drive, $302,000.

Rivanna Collaborative LLC to Christopher Hays and Allison Ewing, two lots in "Rivers Edge," $53,722.


Michael J. Johnson and Suzanne E. Michels to Jeffrey Erk Elens, parcel on Monticello Avenue, $64,000.

Claire B. Whittaker to Robert A. and Christine L. Rosen, 402 Altamont Street, $336,000.

Walter Builders to Daniel K. Walter and Gordon Giuliano, 332 10-l/2 Street, $155,000.

Jeffrey P. and Mary Jo Ohman to Oak Street LLC, parcel on Oak Street, no price given; 615 7-l/2 Street, no price given.

David J. Carlini to Michael S. and Anastassia M. Torok, 112 Greenwich Court, $170,000.

Mabell Hayslett to Shawn J. Cagnina and Elaini Bucheimer, 1025 St. Charles Avenue, $180,000.


James M. Wharton to Suzanne M. Austin, unit in Charlottesville Towers condominiums, 511 North First Street, $162,000.

Tijuana Battle to Eric Trebour, trustee, 951 Rives Street, $95,250.

100 Westerly Avenue LLC to Katharine H. Wemple, 100 Westerly Avenue, Maury Hills, $250,000.


Eight Twenty LLC to Casey R., Patricia B. and Paul S. Williams, unit in Eight Twenty condominiums, 820 East High Street, $210,500.

William L. and Glenda M. Howard to Kate Kortsch, 111 Burnet Street, $294,500.


Stuart L. Douglas and Donald Ray Drake III to Chris And Gina D. Engel, 115 Amherst Commons, $350,000.

Stephen D. and Betty C. Dudley to Larry Butler and Judit Szaloki, 2207 Wayne Avenue, $246,000.


Harvey J. Hague t/a Diversified Investments Co. to Union Bank and Trust Co., lots on the northeast side of State Route 654, Barracks Road, $1,200,000.

Richard T. Spurzem to Harold H. Saunders, 130 Goodman Street, $315,000.

Paul M. and Lawrence D. Kavanagh Jr. to Kenneth W. Long, Samantha F. Bilyue, and Ken Jollofsky, 413 Fairway Avenue, $173,000.

Mary Jo Christian to Philip B. Eichling, 801B Riverside Avenue, $126,000.

Big Deal


Thomas R. and Lynn T. Shepherd to Elizabeth Crawford, 408 Altamont Circle, $800,000.



Holiday 36