Where's Ric? New weatherman off the radar

Not even a year ago, Charlottesville native son Ric Barrick was one of the first hires at Gray Television's new CBS and ABC affiliates, coming on board as news director and meteorologist for WCAV Channel 19 and forging a new news division last fall.

This spring, WCAV and WVAW had a new news director, with Barrick in charge of the two stations' weather. Now he's no longer working for Gray.

According to Roger Burchett, general manager for WCAV, WVAW, and the newest Gray addition, Fox station WAHU, Barrick left about two weeks ago to pursue other opportunities, either in a larger market or with the National Weather Service.

Burchett describes the split as "very positive," and says Barrick was "a very important part of what we got started here."

Barrick did not return a phone call.

Two new meteorologists– Rod Cowan and Vanessa Murdock– have been hired, and Burchett is looking to hire two more. "Ric was doing a yeoman's job for us," says his former boss. "He's a man of all seasons."