Wrong Kevin, Wrong PUD, Wrong quotation marks, Wrong clothing

* In our May 19 story headlined "Cross to bear: Heated debate over Mall access," we called Councilor Kevin Lynch Kevin Cox. Sorry, Kevins!

* The acronym PUD– planned unit development– was incorrectly spelled out in the same issue in the story headlined, "White elephant: Massive house squeezes neighbor."

* The name of constitutional expert A.E. Dick Howard, mentioned last week in the story headlined, "Publicity bunt: Collins first arrestee in House race," should not include quotation marks.

*In our May 19 issue of the Blind Date Challenge, "Just Hive Fun," contestant David thought his date was wearing a "skort," not a skirt. A skort is a pair of shorts with a front flap that makes them resemble a skirt. Some skorts have front and rear flaps.