Raisin plan: PBS station sponsors Live Art


There was no sun for Thursday night's WHTJ reception at Live Arts, but that didn't stop supporters and members of the local PBS station from raisin' Cain at a party celebrating Lorraine Hansberry's play.

Among the crowd nibbling Hot Cakes delicacies and sipping wine were Jack and Charlotte Owens, who attended the 1959 Chicago premier of play, the first by an African-American to be produced on Broadway.

Downtown rooftops glistened in the light drizzle as Live Arts development director Susan Jacobson thanked Charlottesville's PBS broadcaster for sponsoring A Raisin in the Sun, and presented WHTJ general manager Conni Lombardo with a framed playbill signed by the play's director, Satch Huizenga.

A special staging of Lorraine Hansberry's moving work rounded out the evening.

Live Arts development director Susan Jacobson presents a playbill signed by the play's director to Cynthia Hurst.

WHTJ director of communications DJ Crotteau chats with WHTJ board member John Hunter.

Jack Owen chats with WHTJ general manager Conni Lombardo. Owens and his wife, Charlotte, attended the premiere of
Raisin in the Sun 40 years ago in Chicago.

Conni Lombardo, Marie Coles Baker, and Enid Krieger