Just hive fun! A few bumps don't ruin a date

The Background

A month or so ago, David, a 32-year-old financial consultant and writer, entered the Blind Date Challenge and won hearts all over town with his "squat thrust" preparation– you gotta love a guy who admits he sweated profusely throughout a blind date. That date went well, but the vibe on both sides was "just friends," so Matchmaker decided to give David another chance.

Enter 30-year-old Theresa, a tall, willowy dietician who shares his interests in dining, traveling, and outdoor activities. Her preference for dark haired guys who are successful and college educated clinched the deal.

Did David's deodorant hold up? Will Theresa eat her heart out? Read on...


The date

David and Theresa went to The Bar at Keswick


Did you do anything out of the ordinary before the date?

Theresa: Not really, though I was tempted to go buy something new to wear.

David: No, unless you consider going to the allergist out of the ordinary. It all started when I touched a horse on Monday. I had this wicked reaction and busted out in hives. I'm talking Elephant Man hives. Luckily I wasn't too swollen by the time I arrived. I think.

Uh-oh, poor David! No rivulets of sweat; just mountainous ranges of hives! This guy can't get a break!MM

Who arrived first?

Theresa: No one was late.

David: I parked in a lot about a mile away from the restaurant. I actually saw her walking in. I was going to sprint to the door to beat her, but didn't think that would win me any style points.


Were you nervous?

Theresa: Maybe a slight bit of nervousness thinking, "Oh my, what if my date is some weirdo?"

David: Only about my remaining massive hive.


When did you calm down?

David: On my thru-hike from parking lot to front door.

Theresa: A glass of wine always helps.


First impression– was this person your type?

David: Let's see... beautiful, tall, beautiful, awesome smile, beautiful... looked fantastic. I guess I'd say she was my type if you like that sort of thing.

Theresa: When I first saw him, I was shocked– I really was wondering if normal guys do the BDC. Not only was he good looking, his behavior was fine; he seemed outgoing, polite and funny.


Describe what your date was wearing...

David: From the parking lot, I thought she had a skort on. Up close, though, I realized it was actually a really nice patterned dress– very stylish.

Theresa: Khakis and a nice button-down shirt. He informed me that he likes Banana Republic (one of my favorite stores).


How was the setting?

David: Keswick is amazing. It's set in a beautiful part of Virginia's horse country. It's easily the prettiest place I've eaten since moving to Charlottesville.

Theresa: Breathtaking. The weather was perfect, and it was so peaceful sitting outside on the terrace/balcony overlooking one of the most beautiful golf courses. I just started golfing, so I really appreciated the view.


Did you order drinks?

David: We got a nice bottle of wine at dinner. I just saw Sideways, so I figured I had to order the Merlot.

David, you rebel! For those who haven't seen the film, that's considered the ultimate wine no-no.MM

Theresa: David seemed to know a little more about wine.


What did you eat?

Theresa: We had these wonderful roasted red peppers filled with goat cheese and pine nuts, an order of shrimp, and lamb chops. Also the bread was delicious. David and I liked the peppers so much we had to have another order.

David: The bar serves tapas style. We ate four dishes. Dessert was these fruit fritter things– basically fruit in a batter, which is then fried. They don't sound so great, but they were the greatest dessert I've had in my entire life.


How was the service in the restaurant?

Theresa: Our waiter had the perfect balance of being attentive but not overbearing.

David: Our waiter, Scott, was really friendly. He was a bit standoffish at first, but by the end, he may have been my greatest waiter ever. Definitely cracked my "Top 5 Waiters" list.


How was the conversation?

Theresa: It flowed well. We talked about being new to Charlottesville, college, our careers, how lucky we were to be dining at Keswick, outdoor activities, vacations.

David: The usual stuff– work, family, hives, being new to the area, her ex-boyfriend, the long walk to the parking lot, and places we like to travel to.


Did you have a lot in common?

Theresa: Definitely. I could tell that he's outgoing (like me), likes to travel, is adventurous and confident. He also has a passion for NYC like I do.

David: We're both new to Charlottesville, like to travel, she's from Pittsburgh and I lived in Pennsylvania for a bit.


What did you find out that was interesting about this person?

Theresa: That he's working in the business world but also is enjoys writing (he's working on a book). He puts memorabilia from significant events in a Snoopy lunch box he's had since he was little. He did tell me that his previous Blind Date Challenge article went into that box. Hmm... wonder if the date with me will make it!

David: Her job. I honestly had no idea what a dietician does, so it was interesting to hear about it.


Did your date do anything that impressed you?

David: Theresa was talented at telling me precisely how bad the food I was about to eat was for my body.

Theresa: His desire to learn more about wine.


Was there "chemistry" between you?

Theresa: Possibly

David: I think we had chemistry like two friends would– we talked forever. I think the only interesting body language was my going to my face about 4,000 times to scratch my long-gone hives.


Did anything particularly interesting happen?

Theresa: Well, my cell phone rang three times. When the date ended, I checked to see who was calling me... it was my mother wanting to know how the blind date went.

David: No


Did you decide to go somewhere afterwards?

Theresa: We just finished up dessert and coffee, chatted a few more minutes and since it was 11pm (closing time), we decided to end the date.

David: It was 11, and I had a mile hike ahead of me, so we just went home.


What was the VERY end like?

Theresa: As comfortable as the beginning of the date. He asked me for my number, but I didn't have anything to write it on, so I just simply stated that Matchmaker could pass that information on to him.

David: I walked her to her car and we did a faux-hug handshake thing and said goodnight.


Did you have fun?

Theresa: Absolutely.

David: I had a blast.


Would you see this person again?

Theresa: Possibly. He did ask for my number, so that sounded positive.

David: I'd see her as a friend for sure.


Overall date experience?

Theresa: Excellent location. I'd recommend that couples go there and treat themselves to a special dinner. Also the company was great.

David: Gorgeous night, great place and fun date.


ON a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the date?

Theresa: 8

David: 9.5 She was beautiful, fun, had a great sense of humor. Overall, Theresa was terrific.

Matchmaker must admit some confusion about David's "friend vibe," but hey that's the mystery of chemistry!