Seeking help: School board asks for input


The HooK: NEWS- Seeking help: School board asks for input



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Less than two weeks after announcing the resignation of embattled superintendent Scottie Griffin, Charlottesville School Board members, joined by Mayor David Brown, held a press conference on Monday, May 2, to announce the formation of an advisory commission to assist in the search for Griffin's replacement.

The commission, they say, will allow greater public input into reviewing the criteria, qualities, and qualifications of superintendent candidates. In addition, the commission will review the search process and will be involved during candidate interviews.

Appointed by Charlottesville City Council, commissioners will include a former school board member, a former member of City Council, a representative of the PTO Council, a current city school staff member, a representative from an organization involved with the low income community, the City Manager, and two current members of the school board.

Chair Dede Smith unveils the search plan.




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