Sofka's support: Students stand by their man


The HooK: COVER- Sofka's support: Students stand by their man



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Holiday 36




While some of Jim Sofka's former female students have accused him, anonymously, of inappropriate behavior, the mood on Grounds seems hardly judgmental.


Erin Golub

Third year

 "I want to have him for a class. People say he's a really good professor, and he teaches really well."


David Kehlenbeck

Second year

 "I haven't really followed it that closely, so I don't have thoughts on it one way or the other."


Josh Willey

First year

 "Friendship with a professor is okay, but there's a line. I really have no idea if he crossed it."


Alex Schad

Third year

 "I think he should get a hearing."


Lizzie Spavins

Second year, Echols scholar

 "I've never heard of anyone who had a bad experience with him."


Meereena Kim

Third year, onetime Echols Scholar, now in the Commerce School

 "I think he's a very wonderful professor. I really wanted to send him a card that said, 'I believe in you.' I hope everything works out for him career-wise and in what he thinks of himself. When you put someone down like this, the self-doubt can be devastating."




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