Spring bloom: 25 years of beautiful <I>Iris</I>es


Some of Charlottesville's greatest charms are its hidden treasures. Take, for instance, the April 14 release party at the Gravity Lounge, where the women's literary magazine Iris celebrated its 50th issue.

For the past 25 years, Charlottesville has been home to the magazine for progressive young women by progressive young women, featuring the work of local writers, scholars, and artists that has garnered national and international acclaim.

Sponsored by the University of Virginia Women's Center and the Studies in Women and Gender Program, Iris has been published every April and November since 1980, each issue based on a theme such as "passion" or "shattering the myth." Iris includes interviews, fiction, poetry, art, and reviews in addition to regular departments. Three editors and 15 student interns make up the all-female staff.

Although you may have missed the food, film, and live music of the release party, it's not too late to check out Iris for yourself. Grab a copy of the 50th full-color issue, "Milestones."

We misordered the names of the three Iris editors in last week's "Photophile" feature. The caption should have read: "The Dynamic Trio (from left):
Iris Associate Editor Pamela Hetherington, Layout Editor Katherine Shirey, and Coordinating Editor Gina Welch.
[In our print edition, the above caption accidentally tranposed two names; it has been corrected in this online edition.–editor.]

What's a party without a movie? Iris shows its first movie, which includes UVA professors and Charlottesville writers reading selections from back issues.

Marketing interns Morgan Whitaker and Lauren Millette show off "Milestones."

Young movers and shakers unite!

Katie Yrazabal and Betty Shumaker scan the pages of their complimentary copy of magazine.