Katie and Caroline


The press was warned not to approach or try to chat up living history icon Caroline Kennedy when she came to town to receive the 2005 Emily Couric Women's Leadership Award. But NBC's Katie Couric was as bubbly and accessible as she is on the Today show, which she left early April 13 to be present for the presentation in her sister's memory.

"I'll do anything you want," Couric told the assembled media, instructing local photographers that paparazzi usually shoot from left to right. And even when reminded by her handlers that she was late for the luncheon, the NBC star gave one more sound bite, wincing, "CBS?"

As for her ever-perky grin: "I have that fake TV smile," she said candidly. "I have to do it every day."

Western Albemarle High School senior Carla Rood was the 2005 winner of the $5,000 scholarship, named to honor the popular state legislator who died of pancreatic cancer in 2001.

Katie Couric

Katie Couric and Caroline Kennedy hang with scholarship finalists.

Katie Couric came to commemorate her late sister, Emily.