Kirby's an autism indie


"In other words, according to this logic, there's no proof excessive mercury exposure can cause the symptoms of mercury poisoning. "

Brilliant ending to your April 7 cover story, "Generation Hg? Is Autism puzzle solved?"

If mercury at levels 125 times EPA limits for exposure can't cause mercury poisoning, what can? Is it another coincidence that autism and mercury poisoning symptoms are the same?

Thank you for truly examining the possibility that horrendous doses of mercury in our children's vaccines may be behind the epidemic of autism and an alphabet soup of neurological disorders such as ADD, ADHD, OCD, PDD-NOS affecting millions of children today.

And thank you also for mentioning the book, Evidence of Harm, which clearly ties thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines to autism. David Kirby spent three years researching this. He's not connected to the autism movement as a parent.

He's not conflicted with ties to the drug industry like many of the people in our federal health agencies are. He's an objective journalist, doing his job calling attention to the possible cause of a national epidemic. It's a well-documented and easy-to-understand book.

Too often the press merely repeats the denials of the federal health officials that mercury in vaccines is perfectly safe when injected into tiny babies. These officials are the people who approved and mandated the vaccines. We could hardly expect that they would admit they've allowed an entire generation to be exposed to toxic mercury with devastating results.

The continual denials and illogical reasoning from the medical community on the cause of the escalation of autism sound more and more like junk science. Aren't the people in the CDC and FDA supposed to have the answers?

Genes don't cause epidemics, doctors aren't suddenly smarter at diagnosing autism, and we have an expanded spectrum of neurological disorders, precisely because we've allowed unbelievable damage to be done through exposure to mercury.

Anne McElroy Dachel
Chippewa Falls, WI