Harriet Handsfield to Douglas J. and Phyllis A. Yenson, 107 Warren Lane, $285,500.

Belmont Loft Co. to Bonnie L. Holmberg, unit in Belmont Loft condominiums, 200 Douglas Avenue, $272,000.

Janeth S., Gary D., Vicki, and Thomas M. Bibb Jr. to Tori L. Talbot, 206 Harris Road, $224,000.


Iris G. McClelland to Hunt & Snider LLC, 808 Ridge Street, $160,000.


PHS LLC to King & Grove St. LLC, 315 Ninth Street SW, $61,335.

Colleen M. Beights to Jennifer L. Jonak, 883 Locust Avenue, $402,000.

Roberta P. and Russell D. Mooney Jr. to David G. Sutton Jr., 1618 Mason Lane, $160,000.

KBDMS Ventures LLC to Anthony J. Woodman, unit in McGuffey Hill condominiums, 303B Second Street NE, $291,000.

Southern Property LLC to John C. Schneider, unit 35 in Burnet Commons, 101 Burnet Street, $290,400.

Georgia W. Little to Hope E. Sowell, 917 West Street, $105,000.

Craig S. Burton to Charlene A. Green, 905 Rives Street, $190,000.


Westwood Associates LLC to Peter M. Staaf, unit in Druid Hill Residences, 1105 Druid Avenue, $249,500.

Robert Shelly and Patricia K. Null to Kristin Lindgren, 1308 Carter Lane, $257,000.

Southland Homes Inc. to Reza Seirafi, condominium unit at 102 Melbourne Park Circle, $262,355.

Larry Martin Weber to David A. and Mary Susan Carlson, unit in the Corner Village condominiums, 1215 Wertland Street, $105,500.

John and Barbara M. Sanders to Jai Bin Chen, 115 Denice Court, $250,000.


Michael and Margaret F. Van Yahres to David and Judith T. Harrison, 307 18th Street NE, $294,500.

Central Virginia Capital LLC to Joseph A. Talbott and Chastity L. Simmons, 708 Nassau Street, $131,400.

M. Gabrielle Hall to Laura A. Rydin and Frantz C. Ventre, 133 Birdwood Court, $178,500.

Belmont Loft Company LLC to Mathias And Jenny S. Tornquist, unit in Belmont Loft condominiums, 200 Douglas Avenue, $248,300.

Lewis T. and Phyllis S. Gilbert to Keith P. Cheely and Mary Elizabeth Jensen, 1661 Meridian Street, $192,000.


Deborah K. Cunningham and Laurie S. Filstrup to James K. and Mary R. Herndon, unit in Jefferson Park Avenue condominiums, 1910 Jefferson Park Avenue, $122,000.


Hassan and Gillian E. Gomaa to Beth Ann Duffy, 108 Hartford Court, $159,500.

Katheryn B. Carlton, trustee, to Lisa M. Reeder, 502 Meade Avenue, $233,000.

John P. Ashenfelter and Ann M. Schaeffer to Aaron G. Elias, 106 Linda Court, $195,000.


Gwendolyn P. Megginson to Sheila M. Blackford and Douglas K. Bloor, 1404 Hazel Street, $220,000.

Trio Properties LLC to Harrison W. Grubbs, 1009 Blenheim Road, $229,000.

Beth F. and Harold H. Faulkner to Barbara L. Alexander, 528 Caroline Avenue, $178,000.

Pamela P. Roberts to Michael Herrick, 915 Locust Lane, $251,000.

Mildred C. Marshall to Julian Calvet and Shannon A. Iaculli, 1441 Oxford Road, $252,000.

Development Management Too LLC to Southern Property LLC, 18.28 acres on Fifth Street extended (East side of State Route 631), $1,250,000.

John K. Taggart III and James W. Walker, t/a W&T Properties to TDC LLC, 400 Fairway Avenue, $130,000; 402 Fairway Avenue, $130,000.


Samaritan's Purse, trustee, to Ronald D. and Cheryl C. Snead, 407 Arbor Circle, $193,500.

Belmont Loft Company LLC to Anne Rist Jolly, unit 35 in Belmont Loft condominiums, 200 Douglas Avenue, $295,000.

David W. Kudravetz, trustee, to Inge's LLC, 22.25 square feet on the north side of West Main Street, no price given.

Margaret Melcher to Michele Jordan, condominium unit in Lewis and Clark Square, $246,500.

Stuart L. Rifkin to Keith D. and Lisa R. Kirssin, 620 Bolling Avenue, $155,000.

Southland Homes Inc. to Susan B. Cluett, unit in Melbourne Park condominiums, 102 Melbourne Park Circle, $277,515.

Patricia L. and Stephen P. Johnson to William L. Jobes, 1004 King Street, $175,000.


Belmont Loft Company LLC to Matthew A. Rutherford, unit in Belmont Loft condominiums, 200 Douglas Avenue, $179,000.

George D. and Maureen W. Nesbitt to CCBW LLC, 200 Cameron Lane, $410,000.

Best Buy Stores LP to Angus Investors LLC, 3.3972 acres on Emmet Street, $3,200,000.

Preston A. Blakey to Frederick S. Bryant, 722 Franklin Street, $93,000.

Pamela Morris to Swift Run Inc., 707 Rives Street, $150,000.

Janis N. Arave to Boni D. and David F. Worthley, 2311 Price Avenue, $302,000.

R. L. Beyer Construction Inc. to Joseph J. and Anna C. Shields, 100 Tripper Court, $379,000.

Susan S. Carr, trustee, to Susan S. Carr and Ann C. Stowe, 119 Cleveland Avenue, gift.

Susan S. Carr and Ann C. Stowe to Charles B. Ferneyhough, 119 Cleveland Avenue, $415,000.


Louise W. and John Bason, et al., to Louise Lewis, 221 Fifth Street NW, $52,000.

Kathleen G. Chapman to John C. and Carolyn P. Matthews, 512 13th Street NW, $171,940.


Bank of America NA, trustee, to Burnley Properties LLC, 801-803 Cabell Avenue, $370,000.


Ethan N. and Susan F. Saliba to First Vities LLC, 1207-1209 Mowbray Place, $263,000.

Barry Rydell Payne to Greater Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity, 986 Rockcreek Road, $39,000.

Southern Properties LLC to Stephen H. Helvin Jr., 105 Burnet Street, $298,400.

Jarrod C. Markley to Thomas M. Dix, 102 Waterbury Court, $179,000.

John and Geraldine Dobrasz to Nancy Daniel, 729 Northwood Avenue, $732,500.

Douglas P. Murphy and Elain S. Heffelfinger to Jonathan T. and Susan C. Blank, 924 Rugby Road, $706,000.

George and Allen M. Hatzimanolis to James Ray, unit in Wertland Commons condominiums, $118,000.


Southern Properties LLC to Jarrod Markley, unit in Burnet Commons, 103 Burnet Street, $310,000.

W. R. Branch to Linda Brandon, 804 Rockland Avenue, $156,000.


David J. and Mary T. Galgano to Charles N. Gendrot and Kimberleigh Hawkey, 709 Belmont Avenue, $372,500.

James M. and Susan L. McGinnis to Michael G. and Mary A. Hasler, 1433 Briarcliff Avenue, $204,000.

32 University Circle LLC to L&L of Charlottesville LLC, 32 University Place, $1,300,000.

Milton H. Birckhead Sr. and Shirley B. Lamm to Gary A. and Anna L. Dettra, 624 Watson Avenue, $289,500.

Krista E. Withers to Erika M. Leeer and Kristin L. Copley, 1037 St. Clair Avenue, $225,200.

Jeffrey C. and Kay W. Fracher to Gayle S. Lux, unit in Carter Gilmer condominiums, 808D East Jefferson Street, $214,000.

James Patras to Archimove LLC, 1016 Monticello Road, $275,000.

Southland Homes Inc. to M. Gabrielle Hall, unit in Melbourne Park condominiums, Melbourne Park Drive, $239,500.

Gilbert A. and Teresa A. Lopez to William and Effie Nowelll, 308 Palatine Avenue, $166,000.

Lucy P. Buchholz to Keith A. and Kristen W. Lancaster, 1613 Meadowbrook Heights Road, $250,000.


Southern Property LLC to Vu D. Nguyen and Sian A. Richards, 115 Lankford Avenue, Burnet Commons, $261,200.

William W. Stevenson to Opre Monticello Overlook LLC, 1600-12 Monticello Avenue, $3,700,000.

Judith H. and Paul H. Harrison Jr. to Lucy P. Buchholz, 621 Davis Avenue, $255,000.


W. Copley McLean to Michael and Rebecca Williams, 0.590 acres on Blue Ridge Road, $225,000.

Janet D. Hatcher and Carol D. Frazier to Julia V. Williams, 707 Montrose Avenue, $151,500.

Joan S. and Paul M. Peatross Jr. to Matthew and Carol Caesar, 711 Lyons Court Lane, $394,400.

Herman M. Jones Jr. to Narrow Gauge Development LLC, trustee, 713 Prospect Avenue, Orangedale, no price given.

L. Adair and Carmen A. Sherbeck to Neighborhood Investment LLC, 1801 Lambeth Lane, $571,000.

Bennie E. and Louise N. Morris to Michael Burkoff, 300 Azalea Drive, $200,000.

Barry R. and Paula Schmidt to BRSII LLC, 751 King Street, no price given.

Page Street LLC to Muhammadnaeem and Kamela Adish, 1119 Page Street, $197,000.

Jeffrey L. and Melissa L. Easter to Brinnington Properties LLC, parcel on East Market Street, no price given.

Laurie R. Archbald to Aaron F. Pannone and Laurie Archbald-Pannone, 101 Greenwich Court, no price given.

Big Deal


John and Geraldine Dobrasz to Nancy Daniel, 729 Northwood Avenue, $732,500.