One for three: Film teaser whets appetites


The buzz around town this past weekend was that brothers Owen, Luke, and Andrew Wilson of The Royal Tenenbaums would be in Charlottesville on Sunday, April 3, to premiere their newest film, The Wendell Baker Story.

Like most rumors, it was partially true. The Virginia Film Festival hosted a screening of the Wilson brothers' new comedy to raise money for next fall's fest. And while all three Wilson brothers had been scheduled to attend, unavoidable obligations and turbulent weather meant that Luke Wilson– writer, star, and co-director of The Wendell Baker Story– was the only brother able to make it.

However, one brother was just fine with the fans who gathered at Newcomb Hall to see the movie starring both Luke and Owen Wilson and co-directed by Andrew and Luke Wilson.

Although tickets sold out in advance, fans lined up hoping to snag a couple of unclaimed tickets, as well as to hear Luke Wilson and producer Mark Johnson participate in a Q&A session after the screening. UVA alum Johnson, chair of the Festival advisory board, has produced such movies as Rain Man and The Notebook.

In addition to Luke and Owen, The Wendell Baker Story cast includes Will Ferrell, Eva Mendes, and Kris Kristofferson. The Sunday viewing– only the third national screening– offered locals a chance to enjoy a taste of the exciting events to come next fall.

Thirty minutes until show time, and the Newcomb Hall Theater is packed!

"It's just a comedy, so don't expect anything else," Luke Wilson says before the screening.


Waiting is the hardest part: Fans mill about patiently in hopes of purchasing unclaimed tickets.

Thanks to folks at the Virginia Film Festival, Sunday's screening offered locals a taste of what's to come.