Sabato's self-serving

One good thing about this country is that one can not only be wealthy, but one can spend his money any way he wishes.

That said, the announcement by Larry Sabato and subsequent discussion by Larry Sabato of Larry Sabato's gift of $1 million to UVA is both shameful and self-serving. [Facetime, February 10: "Larry's largesse: Should we call him $abato?"]

Shameful because Sabato is attempting to place the weight of guilt upon the shoulders of those alumni who do not contribute to the black hole that is UVA's perpetual fundraising efforts.

Self-serving because the money is going specifically to the renovation of a structure to be used by... Larry Sabato and the UVA Center for Politics.

When he was a student at UVA years ago, it appears, Larry Sabato must have skipped the lecture on humility.

Robert Butler