Toys, not magic; too young; wrong U; EC prescriptions; land-holding; Blackacre's name

*In last week's cover story, "This mold house: family devastated by spore war," the employment of homeowner Larry Butler was misstated. He runs Uncle Larry's Toy Store in Ivy Square.

* In last week's "Hotseat," it was Paul Gaston's grandfather, E.B. Gaston, who founded the utopian community of Fairhope in 1894.

* In last week's news story, "No deal: Embattled Griffin stays the course," the Hook erroneously tucked the word "State" into the name of the alma mater of Charlottesville school superintendent Scottie Griffin. The school that awarded her Ph.D. is Western Michigan University.

* In last week's letter entitled "EC untested for safety," we erroneously edited the piece to suggest that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists does not recommend a physical evaluation prior to a prescription for emergency contraception. The author of the letter was simply trying to convey that if women keep emergency contraception on hand, the physical evaluation may be distant by the time the dose is ingested.

* In our March 17 story, "Breeden's Eden: 1,000 acres to sell near town," the land was purchased by I. J. Breeden in 1972 and 1973– not 50 years ago, as one of the owners recalled.

* In our March 24 music review, "The worst: Even cover bands need zip," we misstated the name of the cover band. It is Blackacre.