Paying the piper: Inside the 'NRN fundraiser


Spring has (maybe) (finally) sprung, and that means several things: the flowers are in bloom, the weather is turning warmer, and public radio stations start raising money.

WNRN (91.9 FM on Charlottesville dials) serves Charlottesville-Albemarle, Staunton, Lynchburg, and points in between. Non-profit means the wide variety of programming comes without commercials. However, that also means that it takes the support of listeners to ensure that WNRN has the funds to stay on-air.

Twice a year, the station holds a fundraiser so listeners can call-in, email, or drop by the studio to pledge their support. In return, the station offers prizes like t-shirts, CDs, and gift certificates to area restaurants and businesses.

The 2005 Spring Fundraiser kicked off Monday, March 21, and heading into the second week of the drive, WNRN had raised over $61,000.!

Although the spring fundraiser officially ends on Wednesday, March 30, WNRN welcomes donations all year long and welcomes calls and visits from folks showing support for music that totally rocks.

Dave Cheplak shows off the fundraiser digs.

Smooth talker: Ronda Chollock, live, in the studio.

"Hello. Who dis?" Phil Free takes a call-in pledge.

WNRN really does rock.

"How you doin'?" The man who needs no introduction, Mike Seay, aka Mike Friend.

Jaz Tupelo looks through the hundreds and hundreds of pledges made over the past week.