Cleaning Crozet's soil


On February 10, the Hook published an article about concerns of residents of Crozet who are living with pesticide-contaminated soil in their backyards ["Orchard fallout: Fears of arsenic and old lead surface"]. I gather from the information presented in the article that a reasonable solution has not yet been proposed, and the situation remains at a standstill.

I hope that I will be able to put some of your community's frustrations to rest by informing the homeowners in Crozet that there is a solution. My company, CBA Environmental Services, Inc., has developed and patented the most efficient and cost-effective technology to remediate soil on-site to within acceptable standards. Our technology is successful whether or not a home has already been completed.

We are committed to educating homeowners, developers, and municipalities about the effects of this toxic exposure on humans, especially children. It is just as serious as lead paint and radon but not as widely publicized and often ignored.

CBA has already contacted the individuals who were part of the article and thought we would go the extra step to inform every resident faced with the contamination issue that there is an immediate alternative to removing and replacing all of the contaminated soil.

Bruce Bruso, President of CBA Environmental Services, Inc.
Hegins, PA