Fox hunting foe hides name

Regarding last week's cover story about fox hunting ["Tally no: Matthews bans the hunt"], it turns out that the key local critic of the practice was not who she said she was. A woman who identified herself as "Kay Hooper" claimed her pet dog was harassed by a pack of dogs (not foxhounds) and blasted some members of the Farmington Hunt as hypocrites for not speaking publicly about their enjoyment of fox hunting.

After publication of the story, however, the Hook learned that the critic herself had not truly spoken publicly, as she had used a pseudonym when talking to the Hook. A brief investigation reveals that her name is Jane Morley, and according to Master of Foxhounds for the Farmington Hunt, she is a lapsed member of the club.

Morley did not return phone calls from The Hook, but did email a statement again condemning fox hunting.

It is always the Hook's policy to quote people using their real names or to reveal when a pseudonym is being employed (along with the reason).