Lawyer's last name, Schiavo's first name, photog's progress, story byline, tunnel's cost

* In last week's story about the closed-door meetings of the Charlottesville School Board ["Legal time: Schools slate special confabs"], the last name for the Board's attorney was incorrect. He is R. Craig Wood.

* In last week's story about the legal limbo of the permanently disabled ["Will wishes: Don't be Terry Schiavo"], we occasionally misspelled the first name of Terri Schiavo.

* In last week's HotSeat ["Focused: Photographer of the rich, famous...and everyone else"], Jim Carpenter's schoolmate John Atkins was incorrectly described as a Daily Progress photographer while he was a student at Lane High School. In fact, John Atkins became a Progress photographer after his graduation.

* Due to a production template error, last week's news story "Speed trap: Don't say you weren't warned," was erroneously bylined. It was written by Lisa Provence.

* In last week's news story about a proposed tunnel trail through Afton Mountain ["Grants galore: But will Afton tunnel re-open?"], we erroneously reported that this cost estimate had changed since the proposal was made public in 2002. According to the Whitesell Group, the estimate remains at $1.8 million. Also, contrary to our report, the Whitesell Group is not constructing a model of the proposal.