Curran's count: Not enough for 1st place (or 2nd)


The HooK: NEWS UPDATE- Curran's count: Not enough for 1st place (or 2nd)



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Holiday 36

The idea was to run an apathetic candidate strictly as a means of purging UVA's Student Council of the ambitious resume-padders who often dominate the school's more prominent leadership positions– and to have a little fun along the way.

The result, however, was not quite what organizers had hoped. Not that it matters to the candidate, Curran Jhanjee– his lust for power is practically nonexistent.

"I was working at Newcomb, so while all those guys were waiting for the results, I was putting up chairs in the same room," he laughs.

"I was actually really happy. I was thrilled, actually. 1500 votes... that's a lot," he says.

Let's start by giving credit where it's due. The victor, Jequetta Upton, with 2993 votes, crushed Curran's tally by a factor of nearly two to one. Tom Gibson finished second. Curran's team, however, is still buoyant over the results announced March 2.

"It was a record turnout this year, and we think Curran was a big part of that," says campaign manager Greg Scanlon. "He got 1488 votes, which is not too bad for a totally unqualified candidate."

Curran Jhanjee




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