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Holiday 36

I find it somewhat amusing that you have chosen the name of my business for the title of your story [March 10 cover story: "The F-stops here: Digital kills Barracks biz, but threatens magic moments"], but didn't take the time to interview me or any of my employees. I believe that I have some information that you could have included in your story had you sought me out.

I must admit that your story is right on– our industry is taking a huge hit from digital cameras. The Photo Marketing Association, an international organization that promotes photography for professionals and amateurs, will be running seminars across the country to promote printing of pictures rather than "hiding them" on home computers.

It is interesting to note that among the panel of experts who will be on tour will be a child psychologist who will stress the importance of children seeing pictures of themselves and other family members displayed around the house. According to the psychologists, the visual impact is tremendously important to the child's emotional development.

Alan Bittmann
Owner of F-stop Studios




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