Rich rewards: Judges had tough job


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Holiday 36

When judges Sally Honenberger, Barry Sisson, and Jeb Livingood sat down to read the cream of this year's 88 fiction submissions, they had their work cut out for them.

Sisson, a key backer of last year's award-winning film The Station Agent, stepped in at the last minute as a substitute judge for Don Webster, a noted writer who lives in Ivy. (Webster had to forego the pleasure of the Hook contest entries to rush to Banda Aceh and Sri Lanka to examine tsunami reconstruction efforts for the United Nations.) Previous contest winners Honenberger and Livingood joined Sisson in paying tribute to the rich pool of writing talent in central Virginia.

After a preliminary reader had narrowed the field to 15, the pros began the tough business of choosing what turned out to be the firsts among equals. Read their comments on page XX, then turn the page to enjoy the winning entry, "What Can't be Cured," for yourself.

Second place was "Felonious Monk," by Bonnie Holmberg, and Shi-Shi Wang's "The Inarticulate Speech of the Heart," took third place. Those two stories will be published later for your summer reading pleasure.

Barry Sisson

Sally Honenberger

Jeb Livingood




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