Carolyn D. Wicker and Barbara Null to Pauli J. Hayes, 5515 Rosa Terrance, $105,000.


Nader K. Hijazi to M. Jean Boston, 913 Locust Lane, $235,000.

William E. and Peggy B. Turner to Thomas E. and Elizabeth Albro, 1605 Keith Valley Road, $250,000.

Richard H. and Janet L. Schaefer to Kathleen A. Sicardo and Michael C. Kildoo, 107 Locust Lane Court, $242,500.


Larry U. Brown to Eric A. Kafka, 1217 Augusta Street, $195,120.

Southern Property to Juliet V. Gee, two parcels in Burnet Commons, $241,800 and $255,700.

John H. and Cynthia E. Hinton to Rudy B. Chicas and Lisa Campbell-Chicas, 515 Rockland Avenue, $185,500.

Nancy W. Arnette to J. Christopher Fitzgerald, 516 Rockland Avenue, $112,900.


Fred S. Landess, trustee, to Leslie Wicks, 904 Forest Street, $9,000.

Charles R. McConnell to James B. Spence, Yvonne Griffin, and Mary Ann Barnes, trustees, parcel in Woodhayven subdivision, $159,000.

Scott F. Payne and Leslie F. Yowell to Andrew J. Jaspen and Jennifer L. Phillips, 1007 Cherry Avenue, $215,023.

Page Street LLC to Leslie F. Yowell and Scott F. Payne, 340 Tenth Street NW, $155,000, and 344 Tenth Street NW, $155,000.

Central Virginia Capital LLC to Thomas E. and Anna B. Sullivan, 602 Elliott Avenue, $142,000.


Lisa Murphy to David Sequeira, 310 Seventh Street SW, $238,000.

Todd G. and Julie V. Whitaker to Dennis and Kevyn Rizza, unit in the Corner Village condominiums, 1215 Wertland Street, $112,000.

Michael D. Lugar and Richard Black to Swift Run Inc., three lots in Carlton Subdivision, 802 Nassau Street, $195,000.

David C. Pysell, trustee, to Stuart L. Rifkin, 620 Bolling Avenue, $115,000.

Daniela T. Bell to Clifton T. and Carter B. Williams, 200 Alderman Road, $330,000.

William W. Bergen and Elizabeth K. Meyer to Howard and Margaret Gutgesell, 2000 Thomson Road, $110,000.

Jane H. Weir to Anne and Charles Kromkowski, 1829 Yorktown Drive, $278,700.

Jesse E. and Ronda H. Blakey to Jesse E. Blakey, 709 Ridge Street, no price given.


William O. Saunders Jr. to Mary F. Brown, 779 Prospect Avenue, $99,900.

Melvin W. Majors to Allison J. and James L. Harshaw Jr., 1111 Locust Avenue, $184,000.

Avon Street Business Center Inc. to Michael A. and Kimberly L. Rabinowitz, 1105 Montrose Avenue, $182,895.

Frances B. Jones to Joseph and Catherine Mettenburg, 1414 Cherry Avenue, $130,000.

Clarence E. and Connie F. Fox to Connie F. Fox, 705 Maple Street, no price given.


Douglas T. and Donna S. Wood to JPA LLC, unit 2104 in Jefferson Park Condominiums, $129,900.

David K. and Barbara S. Westby to George A. and Susan M. Overstreet, 1934 Thompson Road, $600,000.

Jean R. McLain to Daniel R. and Laura A. Ricciardi, 1454 Rugby Road, $550,000.

Joseph W. Trager to ABCD LLC, 2504 Waverly Avenue, $180,000.

Richard N. and Carol A. Ward and Craig W. and Marguerite L. Pickering to Bonaventure LLC, 7 Valley Circle, $279,000.

Wade Apartments LLC to University of Virginia Foundation, Brandon Apartments, Southgate Terrace (Valley Road), Monroe Apartments, and Carolina Apartments, $5,250,000.


University of Virginia Foundation to Wade Apartments LLC, 42,479 sq. ft. on Wertland Street and 216 14th Street, $1,200,000.

Silk Purse Properties LLC to Rickey G. and Robin C. Gatewood, 911 Anderson Street, $82,000.

Edith C. Pleasants to Deborah Beach and Hazel Cole, 634 Watson Avenue, $169,000.

Hoopes Houses I LLC to John L. and Mary Burkhill, 923 Cherry Avenue, $223,000.

James R. Branch and Sherri L. Dorier to Eric Trebour, trustee, 205 Palatine Avenue, $108,000.

Nancy T. Ward to Gregory L. and Barbra S. Wells, 209 12th Street NE, $113,000.


Page Street LLC to Mary B. Banks, 349 10-l/2 Street NW, $145,750.

Richard F. Sergi and Laura M. Sollod to Kurtis A. Hunter, 932 Monticello Avenue, $176,000.

Charles Hurt and Shirley Fisher, trustees, to James R. and Marsha H. Peterson, parcels on Cleveland Avenue, $25,000.

Richard Spurzem to Hunt & Snider LLC, 711 Bolling Avenue, $204,000, and 1015 Altavista Avenue, $235,000.

Dale Reynolds, executor, to Kenneth S. and Arlene Buynak, 2376 Ilex Court, $140,000.


Charles H. Smith Jr. to Neighborhood Investments LLC, 1916 Swanson Drive, $194,148.

Nancy E. B. and James N. Galloway to Park Plaza 523 LLC, 523 Park Plaza, no price given.

Scott F. Payne and Leslie F. Yowell to Pangean Properties LLC, 102 Barbour Drive, $91,500.


Corey M. Abdella to Dennis and Lesley R. Foster, 1012 Elliott Avenue, $191,800.

Janet E. Hart to Patricia S. Adler, 103 Birdwood Court, $169,000.

Westwood Associates LLC to John W. Douglas, 1105T Druid Avenue, condominium unit in Druid Hill condominiums, $239,900.

Mary Scott B. and John H. Birdsall III to T. Everingham Blake II, 0.611 acres at 1642 Oxford Road, gift.

R. Franklin and Hay L. Hardy to R. Franklin Hardy, 417 Park Street, gift.

FNRI LLC to Fifth Street Development LLC, 208, 206, and 211 Fifth Street SW, $121,500.

Martha Jefferson Hospital to Estel G. Hampton, 508 Lexington Avenue, $173,000.


Miller School of Albemarle Inc. to Vulcan Development Co. LLC, four lots on Stonehenge Avenue, $166,000.

Theresa A. McClanahan to Belmont Cotages LLC, 217 Douglas Avenue, no price given.

Wilbur H. Potter to Sean T. and Anne K. O'Brien, 1301 Greenway Road, $299,950.


Kristen R. Reinicke to Walter Builders LLC, 332 10-l/1 Street NW, $90,000.

Seth D. Cassaday to John N. Belliere and Victoria Jane Murphy, 308 10th Street NW, $134,900.


John and Dana C. Hall and Russell M. Cline to Stephen R. Fore, 1625 Yorktown Drive, $390,000.

Christine S. and Brian F. Allred to C. Harley and Richard S. Robertson, 2407 Sunset Road, $249,500.

Southern Property LLC to Rebecca D. and O. Mitchell McCullough, unit 31, Burnet Commons, $284,600.

Erik L. Hewlett to Lewis S. and Erica S. Beardsley, 614 Rugby Road, $377,500.

Wallace L. and Yvonne C. Ward to Dale and Chris A. Ludwig, 1616 Amherst Street, $282,500.

Gladys M. Sheffield to Kevin N. Davis, 632 Stonehenge Avenue, $135,000.

H. Adams and Anne M. Sutphin to John P. and Deloris F. Bradshaw, 676 Evergreen Avenue, $379,700.

Moores Creek Land LLC to Kellytown LLC, two lots on Rougemont Avenue, $210,000.


Matt Dawson Enterprises LLC to Rex H., Corinne E, and Nancy S. Luzar, 2106 Hill Street, $216,000.

Harley C. Easter to Kellytown LLC, two lots in Azalea Gardens, $600,000.

Big Deal


Wade Apartments LLC to University of Virginia Foundation, Brandon Apartments, Southgate Terrace (Valley Road), Monroe Apartments, and Carolina Apartments, $5,250,000.