Grandpa won't like the column

My hat's off to Dr. John Hong for taking the unpopular position on driver license revocation. [February 17, " Bad news, grandpa: Turn in your license!"]

His position will certainly go against the grain of most people, but his stance is the correct one. We need to remember that driving is a privilege and not the right that most people assume. There are far too many unsafe drivers on our roads.

Some drive unsafely in a willful and wanton manner, and some, as his article reflects, are just not aware of the danger they pose.

The adage "You'll have top pry my cold, dead hands from the steering wheel" should be a thing of the past. State legislatures should write and pass laws requiring mandatory retesting at an appropriate age. I would suggest 60 or 65 and then in five-year increments.

While the idea of retesting will tick most people off, think about your children in your car, or the kids playing in a yard or just walking in a parking lot. I'm 53 with a three-year-old son and a new daughter due in April. If they want me to retest at age 60, I'll be there. When I can no longer drive safely, I should not drive– however inconvenient it may be. The life you save by not driving may be someone else's!

Bill Watkins
Northern Albemarle