Drunks are expensive

Two weeks ago I saw the police and rescue squad picking up a passed out drunk on the Rivanna Trail. He was face down in a ditch. It snowed and got pretty cold that night, so he probably would have died if they hadn't picked him up.

Two days later, I saw the police picking up the same guy off the sidewalk in front of the City Hall Annex on Market Street. Then on Friday of that same week I saw him again in front of Mincer's at about 10pm. He was drunk and lurched up to me and demanded to know where Rugby Road was.

I gave him a hard time and told him to get his act together and sober up. He ignored my preaching and just repeated his question, so I pointed up the street and asked him if he thought the frat brothers would give him more to drink. He ignored that and lurched off down the street.

Now I see that he's got his picture in The Hook getting picked up by the police for being drunk [February 17 cover story: "Saturday Night Drive: Keeping the peace with CP99"].

I saw him again this morning standing in front of the M. O. Mohr house. I told him his picture was in The Hook, and he seemed to swell with pride. There must be a more humane and efficient way to deal with drunks like him than the revolving door he's spinning through now.

Kevin Cox