Clifton coverage tawdry

I am incensed The Hook would publish the toxicology results from the Medical Examiner's Report on Patricia Langlade [February 17: "Clifton-hanger: Inn reopens as lawyers press claims"]. This just reinforces the "blame the victim" attitude in Clifton's scorched-earth defense.

A .09 blood alcohol content is deemed by the State of Virginia to be an excessive level of alcohol for the complex task of operating a motor vehicle at speed on the highway. What possible relevance is .09 to being asleep at 5am as a guest at an inn?

What's next? Victim found sleeping in the nude!

One should be able to drink with friends and retire to sleep in a place of public accommodation trusting the landlord had batteries in the smoke detectors and someone standing guard. One's family should be able to trust the media to exercise some discretion in publishing the personal details of a decedent's last day on earth.

Matthew B. Murray

The author is a lawyer who represents the family of Patricia Langlade in a lawsuit against Clifton."