Lappa's pic, Fenton's pic, Senior's size

* In the "Love Stinks" issue of February 10, we inadvertently ran a photo of Sydney Levine to illustrate a tale of love-gone-wrong told by Sally Murphy. We regret all errors– but particularly this one.

* In last week's Photophile ["45 years young: The Senior Center celebrates "], an editing error caused the size of the current senior center to be grossly understated. The place is about 17,000 square feet.

* Jason Lappa took the picture of Cephas & Wiggans at the Prism Coffeehouse that ran in Damani Harrison's February 17 Music Review ["Touching: Emotions go deep with bluesmen"].

* Lila Fenton took the picture of the Hackensaws in front of their tour bus, "The Dirty Bird," that ran with Mark Grabowski's February 17 Music Preview ["Hacks are back: Back with the spoils of tour(ing)."